• Virtual Application standard password

    Installation Guide of RSA IGL 7.1.1, chapter 5 (Set Up the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle Virtual Application) says: "Power on the virtual machine and log in as root using the standard password".  ...
    Gabriele Rusconi
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  • Oracle Instance Name changed in Local Database after that Unable to restart the Application Services.

    Can somebody tell, which all configuration file we need to update the oracle Service name/Listener name. or any other suggestion.
    Abhinav Singh
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  • VM Snapshot Backup Restoration

    We are on RSA L&G 7.0 P05 Appliance using RSA supplied db. There is a weekly VM snapshot backup in place. Would like to know what would be the procedure to restore the backed up VM snapshot into a new server ...
    Jesvin Joseph
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  • Purge/Reset database data

    Hello, We have tried to follow the process https://community.rsa.com/docs/DOC-45917 to reset our database data but after process the createSchema script, nothing seems reset. Our identity are still presents...
    Steve Alexandre
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  • Approval Node Exclusion

    Hello,   We have a Approval workflow with 2 levels of approval.   Level1- Supervisor Approval Level2- Application Approver which is an Active Directory Group. Is it possible, if the supervisor of a user ...
    shakti nayak
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  • IG&L Install - IntelBugCheck Failure (noelision)

    During the install of IG&L 7.1, the Intel Bug Check can fail. According to SUSE support this is because some third-party applications installed on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server require the 'Hardware Lock Elisi...
    Kenny Ryder
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  • checkOracleRPMsPreReqs

    Hello,   As part of the installation process, the install script checks some packages/libraries on the OS. In my case, having some of these failed, I would like to enquire additional details:   1) why are ...
    Razvan Dumitriu
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  • Is is possible to change the deploy method?

    Hi,   Since RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle moved to version 7, deploy process has became difficult for us because it requires to add .ear file in /home/oracle/archive/ for every change. We mu...
    Ofir Aviram
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  • clustering IGL deployment

    clustering IGL deployment
    Alok Sharma
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  • Timezone region not found

    We have newly created IGL 7.1 environment (virtual application), with one application and one database collector. The collector is working fine on our old 7.0.2 env, however in 7.1 I am getting following error:  ...
    Jan Radocha
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  • Version P04 : HXTT or other problems?

    We recently upgraded a lower environment to Version P04 and are seeing some problems with the HXTT driver when using a join. This same SQL worked fine under 7.0.x.   We know that the HXTT code chang...
    Edward Bertsch
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  • Highest level of patching that version P10 will support

    Good morning!   The documentation I can find is good about letting me the minimum versions for RHEL and Java, but I need to know exactly how high up I can patch RHEL, Java and Oracle before IMG version ...
    Jennifer Britton
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  • Making Deployments Easier!  New Virtual Application Deployment Model

    We are excited to introduce a new virtual deployment option in the recent RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.1  release which makes it easier to deploy our solution in a VMWare virtualization environmen...
    Aaron Beaudoin
    created by Aaron Beaudoin
  • aveksa.server.authentication.SSOAuthenticatorImp

    Version 7.1.0 Patch 4   Customer is trying to leverage the SSO Header Authentication Type capabilities that comes with OOTB installation package. They would like to know what exactly the aveksa.server.authentica...
    Nasreen Mathias
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  • Regarding RSA supplied oracle DB and wildfly

    Hi All, I have a query about RSA supplied Oracle DB and WildFly which are coming with RSA IAM GL suite. Do we need to take separate license for Oracle database or can we use RSA provided oracle which is coming with ...
    Yogesh Mishra
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  • Creating Change requests from csv

    Hello, We have a CSV feed, which contains users, their accounts and Roles that needs to be assigned  for an application. The requirement is to read the file and create change requests for these users and assign...
    shakti nayak
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  • Data Collection from 2 different sources

    Hello, I have a requirement to collect accounts and entitlements data from an application. All the data Account Master, Account-entitlement mapping are present in application db views. But the entitlement master whi...
    shakti nayak
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  • TLS v1.2 for POP3 email approval

    Recently our mail server was upgraded to TLS v1.2, we had email approval enabled using POP3S. But after mail server got upgraded to TLS v1.2, We are able to send emails but unable to read the approval mail replies. &...
    shakti nayak
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  • Upgrade Appliance OS from SUSE 11 to 12?

    The background ...  - I've got one of the Via hardware appliances that's running SLEL11   - A lot of the data I collect comes off of windows fileshares where SMBv1 support has been removed (because of...
    Michael deGuerre
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  • RSA IGL Installation | Reverse PTR Record not possible. Advise on how to continue?

    Hi, As the title says, we cannot setup Reverse PTR Record in DNS, but we have added a forward record in DNS.   Is it advisable to skip the "checkDNSResolution" Pre-requisites check in the installation script to...
    Muzammil K
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