• Editing roles locks database to 100% CPU usage

    We have the issue that when committing changes to technical roles, the database CPU gets locked to 100% usage and it takes several minutes, between 5-20min, for it to complete the background task of creating the chang...
    Miikka Petäjäjärvi
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  • How to Create Role set using some input file/csv

    Hi ,   We are collecting Roles using role collector and currently we have to create Role Set manually .   Is there any way to create Role Set automatically ? Based upon the input file.
    Durga Revanth T
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  • how to delete an Admin user access Through GUI in rsa identity and lifecyle

    We tried deleting it through privileges tab for user but it wont get deleted. Can you please advise how can we delete the System : Manage All and System Administrator entitlements for the users.
    Shravani Reddy Palugula
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  • How to stop Approval Workflow from firing

    I am trying to create two different approval workflows for the same Corporate directory: one for explicit access (one of entitlements) and one for roles.   How do I stop the explicit access approvals from trigge...
    Paul Cherrier
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  • Rule violation for Parent Business Roles

    Dears,   Please kindly advise how a violation rule should be setup to avoid triggering non-direct members as violation in business roles.   The idea is to have a list of people who dont match a rule member...
    Volodymyr Melnyk
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  • Group Picker Filter Not Working

    Hi, Anyone ever worked with the Group Picker or User Picker?? Whenever I apply any filters, the list goes empty no user/group is visible in the select option.   I have tried multiple or condition but nothing w...
    Shanti Deepak
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  • Role creation failing because of null roleId

    We are getting an error in our staging environment where we try to create a role but errors out because of the following message:   A role id must be established before you can create the role. Current value is:...
    Paul Cherrier
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  • Option to pass the OAuth token along with the SCIM  connector or collector

    Hi,   I am trying to integrate facebook's workplace with the IGL. The current scenario is the workplace supports SCIM based provisioning. I am also able to provision (Create a User using the Postman  with S...
    Shanti Deepak
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  • Error 500 while opening workflows

    We are unable to open any workflow while opening below error page is being shown. We checked all logs but didn't find anything concrete.     Also attaching all logs    <logs redacted>
    Dushyant Singh
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  • Dynamic DN account creation in Active Directory

    Hello,   we have a use case, of creating a AD account as part of Joiner workflow,    Once new user detected in HR file, RSA should be able to create AD account for that user, and assign Roles based on...
    Hardik Modi
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  • workflow decision on role owner change

    We are trying to setup an role management workflow that in case of a change in role owner for a specific role an approval is requested from the role set owner.   For this we try to configure an Decision node in ...
    Marcel van Kekeren
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  • Custom Entitlement View on Add Entitlement Window

    Hello,   Can we specify a custom entitlement view in place of "select the entitlement to add" combobox of Add Entitlement Windows shown in below picture  
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  • Unable to see indirect entitlements (granted by role) held by user in Access Request Form.

    Unable to see indirect entitlements (granted by role) held by user in Access Request Form, even though "Mark entitlements rows already held by target users" is checked. Is this another way to get the entitlements the ...
    daniel ekerman
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  • Role set : business unit technical owner rights

    Within RSA IG&L, Application objects can be linked to Business Units. As we understand this results in the technical owner of business unit having the entitlement Application : business unit technical owner&#...
    Marcel van Kekeren
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  • "Change" Action when adding an Entitlement to a Role

    We are on IGL 7.1.0 Patch 03   I am creating Approval Workflows for Role management.  When I add an Entitlement through the Entitlements tab within the Role and click the "Apply Change" button, a request is...
    Chris Pope
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  • Attaching a Role Matrix

    Hi all, I'm trying to create a CSV review definition where the user access report contains only three columns:  Employee ID, Name, and Role.  However, the roles vary from "Level 1" to "Level 10" and they hav...
    Christina Dudaklian
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  • User to entitlement relationship

    Hi Team,   in Aveksa version 7.1.0 P05 ,I have added Role1 to UserA , entitlement ent1 has been tagged to role1. UserA would get ent1 as indirect access. After sometime I have removed only role1 from userA as pa...
    Vaishali Mohan
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  • RSA IGL  app

    Does RSA IGL has an app to perform approvals, reviews etc. if yes, do we have any documents on how to setup the app and the environment.
    shakti nayak
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  • How do you remove stale applications from appliance?

    Version 7.0.1 Patch 2 appliance, OS red hat 5u11   How do you remove stale applications from appliance? I am assuming the customer was asking me how do you remove decommissioned applications from appliance. ...
    Nasreen Mathias
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  • RSA VIA Hard Appliance Details

    1. U size of the appliances; 2. No of power supplies per appliance; 3. Power consumption per appliance; (edi
    Ashish Joshi
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