• Rule Missing entitlements - Error clearance

    Dears,   We have an issue with error for the change request when we run the rule Role Missing entitlements. I've already seen that there is a recommendation to complete the workflow of an error. Yes, it works ...
    Pchelintseva Olga
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  • Plugin development for RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle

    Hello   I'm looking for guidance or reference documentation to develop a plugin for RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle. I've found a referral that explains how to install plugins on the last version of RSA IG...
    Daniele Francioni
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  • Rule violation for Parent Business Roles

    Dears,   Please kindly advise how a violation rule should be setup to avoid triggering non-direct members as violation in business roles.   The idea is to have a list of people who dont match a rule member...
    Volodymyr Melnyk
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  • How to Exclude an AppRole or Account from AppRole from the Leaver Rule?

    Environment: 7.1.1 P3 WildFly RSA Supplied DB Appliance   Hello QUESTION:   What is the best method to exclude an AppRole or Account from AppRole from the Leaver Rule? I cannot seem to get the ri...
    Shlomo Katz
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  • which values can I get for this query -

    select distinct entity_to_apply_type from t_av_unauth_changes
    Lilach Bar Natan
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  • Option to pass the OAuth token along with the SCIM  connector or collector

    Hi,   I am trying to integrate facebook's workplace with the IGL. The current scenario is the workplace supports SCIM based provisioning. I am also able to provision (Create a User using the Postman  with S...
    Shanti Deepak
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  • Approval Node Exclusion

    Hello,   We have a Approval workflow with 2 levels of approval.   Level1- Supervisor Approval Level2- Application Approver which is an Active Directory Group. Is it possible, if the supervisor of a user ...
    shakti nayak
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  • Error 500 while opening workflows

    We are unable to open any workflow while opening below error page is being shown. We checked all logs but didn't find anything concrete.     Also attaching all logs    <logs redacted>
    Dushyant Singh
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  • Dynamic DN account creation in Active Directory

    Hello,   we have a use case, of creating a AD account as part of Joiner workflow,    Once new user detected in HR file, RSA should be able to create AD account for that user, and assign Roles based on...
    Hardik Modi
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  • Which table or view does "unifiedents" refer to?

    I'm creating a custom query for the "Revoke user entitlements" part of a "Provisioning - Termination" type rule. The default available columns (pictured below) all start with "unifiedents".   I wish to use an S...
    George Kwakkernaat
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  • Role set : business unit technical owner rights

    Within RSA IG&L, Application objects can be linked to Business Units. As we understand this results in the technical owner of business unit having the entitlement Application : business unit technical owner&#...
    Marcel van Kekeren
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  • How to edit the variable $unAuthorizedDetailList

    The unauthorized change detection rule can sent out emails where the variable $unAuthorizedDetailList is creating a table for "Unauthorized Change Detail List". How can we modify this table to hold more informati...
    Frank Koster
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  • RSA IGL  app

    Does RSA IGL has an app to perform approvals, reviews etc. if yes, do we have any documents on how to setup the app and the environment.
    shakti nayak
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  • How do you remove stale applications from appliance?

    Version 7.0.1 Patch 2 appliance, OS red hat 5u11   How do you remove stale applications from appliance? I am assuming the customer was asking me how do you remove decommissioned applications from appliance. ...
    Nasreen Mathias
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  • Best practice for monitoring L&G

    Hi, It is a common requirement from clients to monitor the L&G system - CR's, collections, workflows, connectors etc. for various applications and system in general.   What alerts and/ or reports are typica...
    Sandeep Sharma
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  • Entitlement data collection for Active directory having users and groups in different domains

    Hi   I need to implement following scenario in RSA G&L:    Need to configure entitlement data collector  for  A.D application Where accounts belongs to domain DC=example1, DC=com  ...
    mian ali
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  • RSA VIA Hard Appliance Details

    1. U size of the appliances; 2. No of power supplies per appliance; 3. Power consumption per appliance; (edi
    Ashish Joshi
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  • Membership Role Criteria Rules to Include an OR statement with AND statements

    Membership Role Criteria Rules to Include an OR statement with AND statements   We're setting up enterprise roles and finding that the following statement works fine   users.Title='Sr Accountant' and u...
    Mike Calaway
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  • Exclude Entire Application From Add Access And Suggestions not for Role Management

    On an applicatie and directory level you have the the option to set Exclude Entire Application From Add Access And Suggestions to Yes.    based in the title of the option and the description on the he...
    Marcel van Kekeren
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  • Reset Password of New User

    Hi, we have this situation. A new user is collected from an identity collector and provisioned on LDAP. We should send an email to the new user containing a link for reset password. Do you know if it is possible a...
    Marta Benedetti
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