• Simple workflow request

    Hi everyone. Can I ask for "easy" help? I am studying the workflows within IGL 7.1. I would like to ask you for a little help as documentation is not so clear for me.   In an authorization workflow of a request...
    Shanelle Blake
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  • AFX: Provisioining Command Node in Fulfillment Workflow

    We are trying to move AD accounts to different OU  based on some attributes collected from IDC.   Workflow implementation is done as:   Start-> Decision Node ->SQL select -> Provisioning Comm...
    Gunpreet Singh
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  • IGL 7.1.1 Scheduled collectors not running

    Anyone had/having issues with scheduled tasks not executing as expected - either collectors or custom workflows?   Noticed one of our ADCs had not run since it was imported into our live environment a couple of ...
    Andy Cheek
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  • Rule Missing entitlements - Error clearance

    Dears,   We have an issue with error for the change request when we run the rule Role Missing entitlements. I've already seen that there is a recommendation to complete the workflow of an error. Yes, it works ...
    Pchelintseva Olga
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  • is it possible to add an AD Group to request which is not requested from UI?

    is it possible to ADD an AD Group to requesting account if certain condition met in workflow? I have usecase where we need to add an AD group to certain set of user who meet a criterion. I can fetch form variables and...
    Hemant Mandle
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  • Provisioning DAG File Shares

    Has anyone configured IGL to auto-provision file shares collected through Stealthbits Data Resource Collector? The file shares map to AD groups and we have an AFX connector to the AD already configured. Just wondering...
    Gaurav Kabra
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  • Unable to make a successful Web Service API createChangeRequest call from a Workflow in RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle

    There is know issue/bug in tool with REST Node in Workflow, here is KB for it https://community.rsa.com/docs/DOC-111388 .  Is anyone able to call createRequest from workflow using 2 different nodes? Like 1 for c...
    Hemant Mandle
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  • Passing workflow job variable to IGL report

    This is becoming more urgent with every passing day.  Having hundreds of review definitions and reports going along with them, it becomes unmanageable.  So I want to create a report "template" that would tak...
    Boleslaw Mynarski
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  • Plugin development for RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle

    Hello   I'm looking for guidance or reference documentation to develop a plugin for RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle. I've found a referral that explains how to install plugins on the last version of RSA IG...
    Daniele Francioni
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  • Access Provisioned without Owner Approval

    We are on IGL 7.1.0 P3   We have two levels of approvals for requests for access:  (1) Supervisor and (2) Owner, in that order.  In our Owner Approval Workflow, we have followed the configuration descr...
    Chris Pope
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  • How to stop Approval Workflow from firing

    I am trying to create two different approval workflows for the same Corporate directory: one for explicit access (one of entitlements) and one for roles.   How do I stop the explicit access approvals from trigge...
    Paul Cherrier
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  • Password Expiration and account disabling

    About Password Policy feature and in particular the Password Expiration setting, is there an out of the box automated workflow to disable the related account associated with the Password Policy? If yes, how is th...
    Gabriele Rusconi
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  • RSA IGL Recipes: Scheduling Review Change Request Generation using Web Services

    RSA IGL Version: V7.1x & V7.2x Modules: Governance Product Area: Reviews Note: A summary of all RSA IGL recipes can be found here: (TBC) Time to apply: ~30 minutes   Summary: This recipe combines w...
    Mostafa Helmy
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  • 2FA/MFA for password reset workflow in RSA IGL

    Business stakeholders don't like the out of the box challenge questions for password reset. The idea is to mitigate a risk of password change for admin accounts when user leaves PC screen unlocked (we use passwordless...
    Volodymyr Melnyk
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  • name of rule created CR

    Is it possible to change naming standard for CRs created by a rule? End-users dislike the following format: Rule:TimeReg Users_UINC_21_00281 - Created from rule TimeReg Users_UINC It should be simple like this: "<...
    Zoltan Izsak
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  • Role creation failing because of null roleId

    We are getting an error in our staging environment where we try to create a role but errors out because of the following message:   A role id must be established before you can create the role. Current value is:...
    Paul Cherrier
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  • IGL 7 - how to customise Out Of Office

    The new Out Of Office option looks to be a useful feature, especially as it exposes already created/assigned approval/activity tasks to the delegate not just new ones. However …the default form/workflow are rel...
    Andy Cheek
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  • Option to pass the OAuth token along with the SCIM  connector or collector

    Hi,   I am trying to integrate facebook's workplace with the IGL. The current scenario is the workplace supports SCIM based provisioning. I am also able to provision (Create a User using the Postman  with S...
    Shanti Deepak
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  • Password Reset Verification

    Hello, we are currently migrating our leaver process from an attribute change rule over to the Provisioning - Termination rule. We have configured it to perform a password reset operation on anything that is marked "I...
    William May
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  • Approval Node Exclusion

    Hello,   We have a Approval workflow with 2 levels of approval.   Level1- Supervisor Approval Level2- Application Approver which is an Active Directory Group. Is it possible, if the supervisor of a user ...
    shakti nayak
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