• Password Reset Form via External URL

    All, how can we use any form(customized password reset form) to be accessed as a link from an external source/URL?   Requirement is to reset account's password using a form but without even logging into RSA IG&...
    Gunpreet Singh
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  • Importing Business Source to IGL 7.1.1 P03 - entsRequireAccountStr

    IGL 7.1.1 P03 introduces new functionality for the "Entitlements Require Account" option. This option allows the administrator to define whether a user requires an account for access in a connected application (for ex...
    Alex Grant
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  • Moving from an embedded RSA DB to standalone DB

    Hi   We have an 7.0 installation with RSA IG&L and DB on the same server. We would like to have these separate, is there any blue print on how to do this?   I was thinking that we could reuse the serve...
    Martin Olesen
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  • Change Request items are getting cancelled with unknown reason

    Hello,   Change request is active state but change request items are getting cancelled with unknown reason. These CR items are cancelling when there is an Approval and Fulfillment escalation happens.  ...
    Muneendra Sriram
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  • Web Services with Ansible playbooks

    I'm working right now on metadata and workflows automated deployment via ansible playbooks. Does anyone have any experience in a matter of translating web service calls on playbooks ?
    Tomasz Piechula
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  • RFC: Change Fulfillment date

    It's been noted time and time again that IG&L does not allow for changing the fulfillmentdate of a request. I saw no specific reason why not so I set out to try and setup something that would allow this and a few ...
    Kristian Nordman
    created by Kristian Nordman
  • Users with terminated supervisor

    As part of standard governance practices, user access reviews are often completed by supervisors. One thing to be careful of, is users that are recorded as having a supervisor that has been terminated. It's also nice...
    Paul Douglas
    created by Paul Douglas
  • Random Name Transform

    I was reminded today of an environment that I worked in that used random strings as usernames to minimise the ability for attackers to attempt log ins. This prompted me to put it together in G&L. If this is ...
    Paul Douglas
    created by Paul Douglas