• Workflow Architect not loading in IMG 7.0.2 P7 Via SSO Route

    We recently upgraded from 7.0.1 P5 to 7.0.2 on Websphere two nodes cluster environment and we observed Workflow Architect stop loading. Hence we created Service ticket and was recommended workaround as per engineering...
  • Collecting into AD related applications

    I need some best practices how to collect into AD related applications. Currently I have a directory (AD) where I am collecting all business relevant groups, account and group memberships with account collector. Bey...
    Zoltan Izsak
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  • Installation Error

    Aveksa 7.0.2 is installation completed. But, Server start is not starting, I can see the log files.. It stops at Init method of OAuth2Servlet   07/22/2018 11:55:11.783 INFO (MSC service thread 1-59) [com.aveksa...
    Tahir Ahmed
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  • Senior engineer wanted in Milwaukee (open to remote)

    Hi All,   We're having trouble finding good resources to work on our RSA IGL platform. Do you have any tips where we could post out job opportunity? (Company = Johnson Controls, Location = Preferably Milwaukee b...
    Frank Reymenants
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  • Looking for Custom Task Use Cases

    We are currently in an effort to run down all the use cases that are in production for Custom Tasks.    If you are using Custom Tasks can you reply on this thread or send me (nfurze@rsa.com) a list of the us...
    Nathan Furze
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  • Password Reset Form via External URL

    All, how can we use any form(customized password reset form) to be accessed as a link from an external source/URL?   Requirement is to reset account's password using a form but without even logging into RSA IG&...
    Gunpreet Singh
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  • 4 Tips to Guide You on the Road to Identity Assurance | CSO Online

    4 Tips to Guide You on the Road to Identity Assurance CSO Online Where are you going with your identity strategy? If the goal is to manage identities confidently, then you need identity assurance to take you in the...
    David Dewald Jr.
    created by David Dewald Jr.
  • Approach to User Access Reviews

    Hello, what is the approach you apply in your organization for user access reviews? Who is reviewing the user access? Business owner - users on his system/app? Supervisor - access for his reports? Somebody else? Are ...
    Roman Chlebcok
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  • RSA IGL  app

    Does RSA IGL has an app to perform approvals, reviews etc. if yes, do we have any documents on how to setup the app and the environment.
    shakti nayak
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  • Workflow is not editable and is coming blank

    I'm getting the page like below when i click edit workflow; How to resolve this?   Java Security settings are configured as per the recommendation. Version is P03  
    Hosam Thiab
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  • Comparing values from Form Data

    Hi,   We've a requirement where we are using a form to register user. The form has few fields and one of them is say "isMailboxRequired" which is a checkbox. The approval of the request depends on "isMailbo...
    Muzammil K
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  • Regarding Afx

    Hi All,   If we have two instances of RSA IGL.We need to procure two instances of afx servers for loadbalancing or with the help of one server we can manage.
    Madhuri Chinthaparthi
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  • How do you remove stale applications from appliance?

    Version 7.0.1 Patch 2 appliance, OS red hat 5u11   How do you remove stale applications from appliance? I am assuming the customer was asking me how do you remove decommissioned applications from appliance. ...
    Nasreen Mathias
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  • ICYMI - RSA Ideas

    In case you missed it - check out Anya's blog on the launch of RSA Ideas.    Launching RSA Ideas    Nathan
    Nathan Furze
    created by Nathan Furze
  • AD CreateAccount Troubleshoot

    Dear,   The create account capability having some issues. Has anyone seen this issue, is this a bug? All parameters provided look fine. There is no stricter password policy applied on AD. Version ...
    Tahir Ahmed
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  • AFX Installation Document

    Hi All,   Please provide us the full implementation document for Afx.Not the one which is present in rsa installation document. Also please let us know if we have four instances of RSA IMG how we can make rsa i...
    Madhuri Chinthaparthi
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  • Application Other Business Owners - DB Reference

    Hi All,   I'm trying to create a decision point within an approval workflow which requires me to query the Application 'Other Business Owners' attribute.   However, after searching for a while I've been un...
    Clive Morrish
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  • Best practice for monitoring L&G

    Hi, It is a common requirement from clients to monitor the L&G system - CR's, collections, workflows, connectors etc. for various applications and system in general.   What alerts and/ or reports are typica...
    Sandeep Sharma
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  • Best practice for non-employee/contractor on-boarding

    Hello there,    Do we have any documentation on best practice of nonemployee / contractor on-boarding. I found a doc for JML, they say -  Not sure of most organizations, but in my experience, all la...
    Amit Khatua
    created by Amit Khatua
  • DAG or alternatives for collecting server accounts

    Hi,   One of the clients is looking at using L&G for collecting Windows (2008,2012 etc.) and Unix (Solaris, Linux, AIX etc.) server accounts. They have a few hundred servers.   1. Technically can DAG m...
    Sandeep Sharma
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