• RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.0.2 menus do not display correctly in Internet Explorer (IE)

    Have done all the action items mentioned in the below link but still have the issue:             https://community.rsa.com/docs/DOC-79128   Follow bel...
    Mekala Subramanian
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  • Storing reports in local directory

    Is there any workaround to have the scheduled reports in local directory of RSA IGL?   From the reports definition schedule tabs, we can only subscribe the reports to any active users. But I need to send the rep...
    Vijayabaskar Balakrishnan
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  • How to use SQL Delay and Java Delay options in Delay node

    Hello,   I have a requirement where we need to calculate the date and time based on location(Different time zones) and pass it to delay node. How can we achieve this requirement using SQL Delay and Java Delay ...
    Muneendra Sriram
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  • Approval Node Exclusion

    Hello,   We have a Approval workflow with 2 levels of approval.   Level1- Supervisor Approval Level2- Application Approver which is an Active Directory Group. Is it possible, if the supervisor of a user ...
    shakti nayak
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  • RBAC - Implementation

    For a company of 500 - 1000 employees, how long will it take to introduce RBAC using top down model? 
    Mekala Subramanian
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  • Interactive-Report

    Hello, Looking for Ideas to design a report. Where it displays all the access the user has, Predefined columns and Query -  which we can easily achieve. But, Business-Owner/Application-admin looking for functi...
    Abdul Karim
    created by Abdul Karim
  • Timezone region not found

    We have newly created IGL 7.1 environment (virtual application), with one application and one database collector. The collector is working fine on our old 7.0.2 env, however in 7.1 I am getting following error:  ...
    Jan Radocha
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  • Rate of Bulk Provisioning to be increased

    IGL is performing the account provisioning activity for 20k users per day. How can we increase rate of bulk provisioning?   Customer is expecting it to do three times better than what it is currently capabl...
    Vijayabaskar Balakrishnan
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  • Tabs are not displaying

    Restarted the IGL application and the tabs across the top are not displaying
    Thomas Hertzog
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  • Description about dynamic variables used in email

    Do we have any document which lists all variables along with description which we can use in email.
    Indu Rana
    created by Indu Rana
  • Workflow Architect not loading in IMG 7.0.2 P7 Via SSO Route

    We recently upgraded from 7.0.1 P5 to 7.0.2 on Websphere two nodes cluster environment and we observed Workflow Architect stop loading. Hence we created Service ticket and was recommended workaround as per engineering...
  • Collecting into AD related applications

    I need some best practices how to collect into AD related applications. Currently I have a directory (AD) where I am collecting all business relevant groups, account and group memberships with account collector. Bey...
    Zoltan Izsak
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  • Installation Error

    Aveksa 7.0.2 is installation completed. But, Server start is not starting, I can see the log files.. It stops at Init method of OAuth2Servlet   07/22/2018 11:55:11.783 INFO (MSC service thread 1-59) [com.aveksa...
    Tahir Ahmed
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  • Senior engineer wanted in Milwaukee (open to remote)

    Hi All,   We're having trouble finding good resources to work on our RSA IGL platform. Do you have any tips where we could post out job opportunity? (Company = Johnson Controls, Location = Preferably Milwaukee b...
    Frank Reymenants
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  • Looking for Custom Task Use Cases

    We are currently in an effort to run down all the use cases that are in production for Custom Tasks.    If you are using Custom Tasks can you reply on this thread or send me (nfurze@rsa.com) a list of the us...
    Nathan Furze
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  • 4 Tips to Guide You on the Road to Identity Assurance | CSO Online

    4 Tips to Guide You on the Road to Identity Assurance CSO Online Where are you going with your identity strategy? If the goal is to manage identities confidently, then you need identity assurance to take you in the...
    David Dewald Jr.
    created by David Dewald Jr.
  • Approach to User Access Reviews

    Hello, what is the approach you apply in your organization for user access reviews? Who is reviewing the user access? Business owner - users on his system/app? Supervisor - access for his reports? Somebody else? Are ...
    Roman Chlebcok
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  • RSA IGL  app

    Does RSA IGL has an app to perform approvals, reviews etc. if yes, do we have any documents on how to setup the app and the environment.
    shakti nayak
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  • Workflow is not editable and is coming blank

    I'm getting the page like below when i click edit workflow; How to resolve this?   Java Security settings are configured as per the recommendation. Version is P03  
    Hosam Thiab
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  • Comparing values from Form Data

    Hi,   We've a requirement where we are using a form to register user. The form has few fields and one of them is say "isMailboxRequired" which is a checkbox. The approval of the request depends on "isMailbo...
    Muzammil K
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