• RSA L&G 7 Virtual Appliance re-installation steps

    RSA L&G version 7.1   Environment Server : Virtual appliance setup using the .ova file DB : Remote Database.   We had deployed .ova file and was running RSA 7.1 version. Now i wanted to do re-install...
    Lakshman Varadharajan
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  • What table/view is used to store review release date?

    I am looking for a location of review release date (not creation date).  After review is generated, it can be put on hold.   What I am looking for is the location of the date the review was released (ma...
    Boleslaw Mynarski
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  • Out-of-the-box reports and public schema

    Looking at the out of the box reports, some of them use views that aren't listed in the public database schema reference. For example, when creating a report, if I choose: Type: Review Template: Review Delegatio...
    Kevin Perkins
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  • Add custom driver to AFX Connector templates

    We need to connect to a Maria DB via AFX. For that we need to add the Driver for Maria DB:   mariadb-java-client-2.4.4.jar   But neither the connector template for generic DB nor for MySQL allow to add cus...
    Jasmin Naber
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  • Accounts and Entitlements collection from Power BI (SaaS)

    The customer is asking to get accounts and entitlements (in particular Workspace + Role) from Power BI cloud application.   As far as I know the Power BI has got a REST API but RSA IGL does not have REST Collect...
    Gabriele Rusconi
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  • application role logic

    Hello,   I'm seeking an advice how to meet our customer requirement. I need to set up a logic for one of our applications in Access Management, which has several roles available, to check the following: 'For &ldq...
    Martin Piroh
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  • Beta Tester Needed - RSA IGL Risk Analytics Dashboard

    One of our RSA PS rockstars (Ahmed Nofal)  has been working on a fantastic new dashboard, as shown below in the image and quick demo video. This dashboard shows various risk items found within RSA IGL and display...
    Jamie Pryer
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  • Collect data from Tenable.sc to RSA IGL

    Hi everyone,   I am trying to collect data (users, groups, roles) from Tenable.sc application and I have found an article about Tenable integrations, see the  Tenable - Technology Integrations but ...
    Martin Dicky
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  • report not finished overdue approvals/activities

    Due to SLA checking reasons I would like to report those ongoing approvals and activities which are overdue. So far I have found a (bit buggy) template which reports finished overdue approvals/activities. Also I have ...
    Zoltan Izsak
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  • RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Newsletter - Nov 2019, Issue #9

    Please find attached our November 2019 Edition of the newsletter.   DONT FORGET - please register for the December RSA IGL Webinar, with our customer "Dell Technologies" joining me to discuiss their success ...
    Jamie Pryer
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  • Requirement for static URL (no token)

    Hello,   We've created new dashboard and added several custom buttons. One of the buttons we want to have available directly from the main dashboar is Password Reset button. Problem with this, is that password re...
    Martin Piroh
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  • Admin error notification triggers

    Hello,   I'm wondering if there is an option to configure notification rules so that notifications are only triggered when certain condition is met. We only need notifications to be sent when collections are fail...
    Martin Piroh
    created by Martin Piroh
  • RSA Webinar: Workforce Transformation and Risk: A SANS Survey, Wed., Dec. 18 @ 1:00 pm ET

    Rapid shifts in globalization, demographics, work styles and work sourcing are transforming the way companies manage their businesses. These shifts, including the widespread use of cloud and off-site networks, also op...
    Denise Sposato
    created by Denise Sposato
  • RSA Webinar: The Current State of Cybercrime: Digital Transformation and Emerging Fraud Threats, Tues., Dec. 10 @ 10:00 am ET

    Organizations are exploring exciting new opportunities through the digital transformation of their operations—adopting digital technologies like mobile, cloud and IoT to operate more efficiently, collaborainge m...
    Denise Sposato
    created by Denise Sposato
  • User limit on role

    Hello, is it possible to set upper limit on number of users in a role ? we have a situation where a role should have only X number of users and should not allow Role Owner for adding new users after reaching that thre...
    Srikanth Bachu
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  • Email Variables in Workflows

    Is there a dictionary somewhere that explains what the Email Variables are in workflows? I'm trying to edit the email template and I'm having trouble being confident that I'm choosing the correct variables.
    Louise Van Alstyne
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  • Multiple Application Data Collector (MADC)

    I am trying to create multiple application collector to collect information for about 10 applications. Out of these ten, four applications belong to one category. Their application attribute would be starting with map...
    Mekala Subramanian
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  • RSA IGL - Tips & Tricks: Business Friendly Date Formats in Workflows/Emails

    Date formats in workflows, typically come in a very long and "un-useful" format, which is: "YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS" eg: 2019-11-05 10:46:54.0 This format is not very useful for business users and so changing it to ...
    Jamie Pryer
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  • Reporting on Reports....

    A common question we get asked... "How many reports are there within RSA IGL" The answer: LOADS!   Within RSA IGL we have a LOAD of out the box (OTB) reports included and shipped as standard. All these report...
    Jamie Pryer
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  • Change Request items are getting cancelled with unknown reason

    Hello,   Change request is active state but change request items are getting cancelled with unknown reason. These CR items are cancelling when there is an Approval and Fulfillment escalation happens.  ...
    Muneendra Sriram
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