• RSA IG&L version 7.2 first impressions

    Hello friends,   Now that 7.2 has been released it will be nice to hear how things look with the product for those of us who download it, start to try it out in lower environments, and whoever will be the l...
    Edward Bertsch
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  • Assign entitlement to Users automatically based on user attribute

    Hi, we have this use case (IGL version is 7.1.1):   Users are collected from ldap. When user TITLE is 'Administrator' (collected from ldap) they should be granted the entitlement System: Manage All.   Ho...
    Maurizio Caglioti
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  • Show collector name in Circuit Breaker error mail

    8 votes
    The request is for the mail to show more than just a run number, but to also show the name of the collector that produced the error - AND IN THE SUBJECT LINE IF AT ALL POSSIBLE for easy searching and sorting of mail.&...
    Ahmed Shendy
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  • Revert option not available

    Hi,   We're looking for a way how to allow approvers revert their approval action. In case an approver approves access request, but later changes his mind, he should have available an option to cancel completed ...
    Martin Piroh
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  • New Feature: Dashboard Facts

    In the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle 7.2 release, we have introduced a new component that can be used on dashboards to display a single value "fact".  Dashboard Facts are a convenient way to pro...
    Sean Miller
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  • Requests stuck in open state on the queue

    Hello,   I am opening this question due to an issue related to stuck requests in open state on the queue.     At the beginning the workflow didn't allow so many entitlements to be processed at ...
    Viktor Daskalov
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  • Approval Workflow missing Approve and Reject - Issue with UI and Email

    7.1.1.P3   I have a specific approval workflow for a From request to enable AD accounts. It had to be recreated, but the approval actions such as Approve or Reject is not available in the UI Approval Perfom. A...
    Shlomo Katz
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  • Request for role removal not working when user is both member of a parent and child role

    Due to the way business roles are evolving in our organization users can be both member of a business role and the technical role that is an entitlement of the business role. This causes strange behavior in t...
    Marcel van Kekeren
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  • Exclude Entire Application From Add Access And Suggestions not for Role Management

    On an applicatie and directory level you have the the option to set Exclude Entire Application From Add Access And Suggestions to Yes.    based in the title of the option and the description on the he...
    Marcel van Kekeren
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  • which values can I get for this query -

    select distinct entity_to_apply_type from t_av_unauth_changes
    Lilach Bar Natan
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  • Send review notification to affected user in the review along with the reviewer

    Hello,   There is a requirement where we need to send an email notification to the users in the review along with their reviewers after a certain day. The notifications should be sent only to those use...
    Mohammad Irfan Alam
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  • OpenID connect - is it supported?

    Hi, we have our SSO solution that can provide authentications to other applications using token OpenID Connect. The question is: can IGL be configured as an openid client in order to communicate with the authenticat...
    Falco Dussault
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  • RSA Charge 2020 'Call for Speakers' Is Open!

    Yes, it’s time to get those creative juices flowing.   There’s no better way to learn than by hearing from people who use, create and deliver the RSA products you use on a daily basis.   Do you ...
    Denise Sposato
    created by Denise Sposato
  • IGL - Oracle v18/19 support

    We're currently running IGL on Oracle 12c but our hosting provider will cease support for it mid 2021. Which versions of IGL are already OR are planned to support the later Oracle versions?
    Andy Cheek
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  • What is a system owner authorized to see?

    I am logged in as a system owner for a system called ACSX (monitor). In a review, we would like to say that a system owner sees more than they are authorized to. As a system owner, you see all the Change reque...
    Lena Nilsson
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  • Reset Password of New User

    Hi, we have this situation. A new user is collected from an identity collector and provisioned on LDAP. We should send an email to the new user containing a link for reset password. Do you know if it is possible a...
    Marta Benedetti
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  • RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Webinar - March 4th 2020

    3/4/20 10:00 AM
    Calling all RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle clients.... Due to RSA Conference, we are moving this to be a week later.   You are invited to a Zoom webinar. Please register with your company domain ema...
    Jamie Pryer
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    RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Webinar - March 4th 2020
  • Use a Form in Custom Task

    Hi everybody,   I would like to use the request form "New Employee Form" in my Custom Task but I can't find the right node to do so. I have seen the "Activity" node but in the property "FORM" I don't see t...
    Marta Benedetti
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  • RSA IGL DevOps CICD Tools Deployment

    Hi, Has Anyone ever tried to install RSA IGL Using continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment tools like Jenkins, Ansible using DevOps Methodology. If Not, Can someone Confirm at least whether its possible wi...
    Keshav Kumar
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  • Application Log Error Codes

    Can anyone tell me where I can find a unique list of error codes and descriptions that could show up in the application logs, similar to t_error_lookup, only for the applogs?   Example - Where do I find this def...
    William May
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