• Entitlement Attributes Modification Date

    We are collecting couple of attributes along with entitlements and populating custom entitlement attributes . Example : we have collected below attributes along with each and every entitlements in to RSA Aveksa . 1....
    Rajkiran Paul
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  • IGL on RHEL

    The question is related to IGL v. 7.2 In Software-Only deployments what is the highest version of RHEL one can go wthout loosing RSA's support on the product? Is any version starting from RHEL 7.2 and lower then newl...
    Grzegorz Kowalczyk
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  • Cannot find installation files to download

    Hello,   I'm reading the installation guide for RSA Identity and Governance Lifecycle. However, I can't find the following files to download at the page https://community.rsa.com/community/products/governance-an...
    Jacques Adankon
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  • Disabling Email Notifications from the database RSA IG&L

    Hello there,   Is there a way we can disable email notifications from the database in RSA IG&L? Actually we are upgrading our prod and have a replica of the prod database which is sending emails to end user...
    Neeraja Mahajan
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  • Export AD application

    I need to export the AD application which has lot of groups mapped, in test environment. This is done using multi app collector. But, I do not see any option to export the application's groups as well when exporting. ...
    Neha Singh
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  • Instability with AFX server

    AFX server automatically starts and stops automatically several times in a day with fraction of seconds, has anyone seen such issues in the past ? is this a know issue ?Jamie Pryer    current version 7.1.0....
    Subahan Pathan
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  • Add Access To User

    Hi everybody,   I'm using RSA IGL 7.1.1. IDC and ADC are collecting from AD and I the AFX Connector deployed is provisioning on AD. I would like to give one user the same access as another user. I see th...
    Marta Benedetti
    created by Marta Benedetti
  • Out of office delegation

    Hello there,   I have a question about the delegation that comes from the Out Of Office function!   I have a role assigned to a Manual Fulfillment node, anyone in this role will get this activity assigned ...
    Johan Arvidsson
    created by Johan Arvidsson
  • Business Role and Technical Role

    Hi, What is in IGL the difference between Business Role and Technical Role?   If I collect app-roles from an endpoint, is it a business role? Technical Role? In terms of functionality, they are the same or bei...
    Shanelle Blake
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  • Any way to bulk update custom attributes like through a web service like you can descriptions?

    We have some custom attributes for Application Role and Entitlement that uses Custom Values.  It is not collected and editable in the UI via a drop down.  They are stored in CAS5 in their respective tables. ...
    Jason Wu
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  • Error in RESTful Connector configuration

    Hello All,   I m currently working on "RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle" - P11, I have configured an AFX connector with RESTful API's configuration. On testing the capability of connector, the...
    Neeraja Mahajan
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  • How to  Migrate Aveksa (SP) version 7.1.1 from OAM (IdP) to OAM

    Hi, Please assist in the below:   We want to Migrate Aveksa (SP) version 7.1.1 from OAM (IdP) to OAM   When generating SP cert (acm.cert) the dates do not update to the newly generated ...
    Tabane Ledwaba
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  • Request Form - Access validation

    Hi,   Is there a way to determine access granted to user via a condition/validation through a request form? For example, users are allowed to select any entitlements grouped under 'Basic Access' or 'Elevated Pri...
    CW Moo
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  • How to restrict access for Users Pictures ( new feature version 7.2)

    User Pictures has been introduced in Version 7.2 release. Is there a way to restrict which users can actually upload the pictures and which cant ? I did see that in order to restrict we can grant User:Edit Image, ...
    Hinalben Gohil
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  • IGL 7.1.1 - Any way to enable email approval on replies to escalation emails

    We have email approval enabled for pretty much all our different approval scenarios but, inevitably, some people do not complete their tasks by the due date … so we have typical escalations setup, i.e. now over...
    Andy Cheek
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  • Group attributes not searchable under Users --> Groups view

    Hello,    We're running IG&L P01    I came across an annoying bug where searches performed on a Group page (Users --> Groups) aren't searching the Group Backup owner fiel...
    Prateek Bhatnagar
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  • Aveksa  SAML Authentication  - Using organizational certificate ( instead of the internal self-signed certificate )  

      Hi During the configuration of saml authentication , one of the required steps is generation of a signing certificate This  certificate is a self-signed certificate ( with Aveksa as subject ) and has ...
    Eyal Sperling
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  • Change Request Reverts the review

    We have an account access and ownership review. Reviewer revoked one of the item and generated a cr with manual account activity workflow, which returns an error and cancelled the cr. Cancelling the CR results re...
    Joanna Yang
    created by Joanna Yang
  • Selecting distinct roles

    I have configured a cache DB based application in IGL through custom connection. I have deployed the driver and did connection, which worked. Although, when I am collecting entitlements in EDC, I am getting error when...
    Neha Singh
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  • SSH Connector is giving error after provisioning.

    Hello - Did anyone of you ever received below error from SSH connector after successful provisioning?   So, in my case, it is returning Exit Code "0" but then it is retuning below Error message continuously. Th...
    Hemant Mandle
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