• Sub-Group Resolutions from Multi-App ADCs are Failing

    Environment:- Version P03 Environment: PRD Application Server Name: JBOSS Appliance: false Soft Appliance: true Database: DB_REMOTE Customer is using a combination of regular ADCs and Multi-App ADCs in...
    Riddhish Chakraborty
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  • IGL 7.1.1 - how to bulk rename/update business units?

    Has anyone worked out how to rename or update business units in bulk using the XML export/import options? We use business units for individual teams in our implementation and have a requirement to rename 100s of busin...
    Andy Cheek
    created by Andy Cheek
  • Possible to have Users where 'User ID' is null/blank?

    Is it possible to have a User(s) in the User's table without an EMPLID (User ID)??  Asking for a friend...   Background:  @We have to switch over to a new HR identity source with a new set of EMPLID ...
    Justin Gregory
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  • Password reset for others - view password link

    Hello Everyone,   I was trying to reset password in the AD for the users using reset password for others option.(password will be generated by system) In this case user receive email about the one time view pas...
    Pankaj Rana
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  • Limit delegation of review items

    Has there been any recent product updates to restrict the list of users that someone can delegate review items to? I thought I remember this being an enhancement in the backlog a while back so just curious if any new ...
    William May
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  • Same entitlements for different accounts for one identity?

    Dears,    We're using multiple accounts per identity from same AD for different purpose - a-accounts for regular application access and t-accounts - for testing purposes (avoiding approval phase). There are...
    Andrii Drobenko
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  • Stealth Audit server host name / IP change

    Having latest RSA IGL server with latest IGL supported Stealth Audit 8.0. Infra team want to change host name / IP for network reasons. Does Stealth Audit supports host name, IP or both change? If so what is the ...
    Mekala Subramanian
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  • On-board MasterSAM into RSA

    Hello, Anyone have worked on on-boarding MasterSAM into RSA.
    Usha Rani
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  • Request Form Control Type - Text Area: How to increase max length?

    Is there anyway to increase the Text Area (Control Type) maximum limit on Request forms? Also, tool tip says Maximum 4000 Chars limit where as it allows only 500 which is misleading the user. How can I change it? ...
    Dileep Gurram
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  • avform variables not populating values

    Hi All,   Today we are facing some issue related to avform variables in request forms and i dont see variable is populating/resolving against '${avform.application.Name}' and other application related variables,...
    Durga Revanth T
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  • Integration with Data lake DB

    We are working on an integration with data lake DB from RSA . Data lake db is using Hive framework to store raw data. Do we have any OOTB  integration approach present  to connect with data lake db and pull ...
    Rajkiran Paul
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  • Display Review Results as a drop down in a form

    Hi All,   Is there any possibility to show the review results for the past two years as the drop down in the form. There is no any Review picker present in the form.Can we use a webservice call or the JavaScrip...
    Madhuri Chinthaparthi
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  • Out of office delegation

    Hello there,   I have a question about the delegation that comes from the Out Of Office function!   I have a role assigned to a Manual Fulfillment node, anyone in this role will get this activity assigned ...
    Johan Arvidsson
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  • Is there a way to include Review Comments in the Detail Line of a Review?

    We are converting to the new Review Interface.  To duplicate the Legacy Review process, where our Security Team performed the review and made 'Revoke/Maintain Recommendations' before the Supervisor/Owner performe...
    Mark Deaton
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  • Create an user and some values in SQL Database

    Hi everyone. I need to create users ina SQL Database, because some applications authorize access reading and based on the presence of the user on that database (not IGL database). Furthermore, based on an "value acces...
    Shanelle Blake
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  • How to retrieve selected value in entitlement table

    Hi ,   I want to retrieve the selected value via checkbox in the entitlement table . Is there any way to get retrieve the value .   Use case :   If i select the checkbox and i want the attribute 1 ...
    Durga Revanth T
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  • How to  Migrate Aveksa (SP) version 7.1.1 from OAM (IdP) to OAM

    Hi, Please assist in the below:   We want to Migrate Aveksa (SP) version 7.1.1 from OAM (IdP) to OAM   When generating SP cert (acm.cert) the dates do not update to the newly generated ...
    Tabane Ledwaba
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  • RSA latest  vendor updates

    Please tell me the latest vendor updates for RSA
    Mahathi M
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  • Revisiting Request Hierarchy Parents

    Env: 7.1.1 P3, Wildfly, RSA Oracle 12c supplied database, Appliance I see Hierarchy issues have been addressed, however, I am still at a loss. I have a Role with a very long membership rule (maxe...
    Shlomo Katz
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  • RESTful AFX - Handling null values in the request body

    Hi Experts,   Below is part of a REST API JSON request body, which we are trying to setup in the OOB Restful AFX connector as part of a joiner WF.   { "userId": "${userId}", "userName": "${userName}", "...
    Jesvin Joseph
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