• IGL 7.1.1 Scheduled collectors not running

    Anyone had/having issues with scheduled tasks not executing as expected - either collectors or custom workflows?   Noticed one of our ADCs had not run since it was imported into our live environment a couple of ...
    Andy Cheek
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  • How to Create Role set using some input file/csv

    Hi ,   We are collecting Roles using role collector and currently we have to create Role Set manually .   Is there any way to create Role Set automatically ? Based upon the input file.
    Durga Revanth T
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  • Account deleted while it is part of active Account Review

    Hi,   I have come across a situation where an account that is part of an active account review, that is yet to be actioned upon, has been deleted. The review does not have any indication that the account ha...
    Rahul Katariya
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  • Where in the database are custom attributes stored?

    When you create a custom attribute in:    Admin > Attributes > Custom Values >  Risk Levels  >   Display/Values   Where does this get stored in the database?  ...
    Jason Wu
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  • Editing roles locks database to 100% CPU usage

    We have the issue that when committing changes to technical roles, the database CPU gets locked to 100% usage and it takes several minutes, between 5-20min, for it to complete the background task of creating the chang...
    Miikka Petäjäjärvi
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  • request in error state

    Hi All,  We are facing one strange issue where some of our requests get stuck either in approval or fulfillment phase randomly.  We only get aware when customer complains for it.  Your suggestion/hel...
    Yogesh Mishra
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  • GDPR Compliance -> purge terminated identities

    One key requirement of GDPR is that identity related data needs to be purged. But IGL stores collected identities which got terminated forever by default. We currently run on 7.0.2. Will 7.1 or 7.1.1 offer in the...
    Jasmin Naber
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  • Collection stuck on Change Verification step

    Our Account Collectors run successfully for the target application. But after data collection and rule processing, collection stuck on  Change Verification step and keep in Running status forever. Neither it...
    Dushyant Singh
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  • What does "Only one resource needed to complete the work assigned" mean?

    Recently, one of our users reported one of the activities assigned to him closing automatically, without him performing any action.   The activity shows the following message: Only one resource needed to c...
    George Kwakkernaat
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  • role review not trigering a change in all casses

    When we perform a fine grained Role review not all changes that are made seem so result in an item in the change preview tab of the review.      changes that not result in a item in de change preview...
    Marcel van Kekeren
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  • Expose RSA User Access Review to a Third Party App/Website

    Dear Fellow Experts, Trust everyone is safe and healthy.   We have a requirement where the customer wants to have the user access review within their own app (Third party app). So the user would log into their ...
    Muzammil K
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  • Server.log does not get updated

    Version 7.1.0 P01 JBOSS Soft Appliance  DB_REMOTE (Production)   Customer's server.log is not getting updated. The last entry in the log is from 2018-08-25 00:41:25,266. Please let me know if there is a...
    Riddhish Chakraborty
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    Hello All,   I tried using https://community.rsa.com/thread/185576 for "FORCE PASSWORD RESET ON NEXT LOGON". While passing this value, i also passed UAC values as "DONT_EXPIRE_PASSWORD"; the problem I see is, "_...
    Hemant Mandle
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  • Indirect Entitlements in Access Request Form

    Unable to see indirect entitlements (granted by role) held by user in Access Request Form.     Since the above question was marked as assumed answered, I'm posting here with the same question. I tested this...
    Philip Martinez
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  • Justification sets in Version

    I've configured test justification sets for SoD rules, but cannot find where to select them once I go through the workflow to address exceptional access.   The screenshot provided in this New Feature: Custo...
    Theresa Pham
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  • IG&L cache settings

    As per customer they encountered the below issue and they "assumed that it was caused by cache settings in IG&L so we would like to know how to check caching settings in IG&L 7.1.1 P04". i.e. An end user ...
    Cristy Sy
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  • Is there a way to check Identity Collector before running

    We have an IDC collecting from SQL DB. What happen was the job to updating that SQL DB failed and wipe out all data. So when IDC collected from an empty table, it marked everyone as terminated and deleted. It also tri...
    Joanna Yang
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  • Forms re-direction issue on 7.1.1 P05

    Hello,   Certain forms that we are using on one of the node of our clustered environment is facing re-direction issue. Replication steps:- 1) Open the form 2) Fill in the mandatory fields in the first page &a...
    Aditya Naga
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  • Orphan Account definition

    I’ve been trying to simplify a leaver process and cutdown on the amount of workflow customizations that we use, to this end I’ve been testing the termination rule to handle removing any AD groups assigned ...
    Tom Kelly
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  • selective fulfillment

    Is it possible to fulfill only a part of CR items for an operator? I can't see the option in workflow which is available in approval workflows though it would be quite useful in some cases.
    Zoltan Izsak
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