• Account Access and Ownership reviews display "There are no entitlements in this account."

    After running the Account Access and Ownership Review, the Review Results are showing "There are no entitlements in this account" when the Review Items are expanded.  However, the "Reviewed Items S...
    Chris Pope
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  • remove or merge/reconcile duplicate users

    Is there any way to delete duplicate users? Or merge them.   I have seen the Idea: Add ability to reconcile duplicate users - Causing problems    Which I guess is an answer, but it would be really g...
    Markus Calmius
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  • grant group with entitlement

    Is there any best practice to request an entitlement for an AD group? I did not find it OOTB, maybe I just missed it.
    Zoltan Izsak
    created by Zoltan Izsak
  • Trends in the industry/market - Gartner Quadric

    Hi good people,   This is not about a tech related item but rather a common topic in our industry...   Have you guys seen the this year’s magic quadrant from Gartner? True that this shouldn’t ...
    Armel Lupapi
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  • Rule violation for Parent Business Roles

    Dears,   Please kindly advise how a violation rule should be setup to avoid triggering non-direct members as violation in business roles.   The idea is to have a list of people who dont match a rule member...
    Volodymyr Melnyk
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  • Unsupported OS version while running acm_backup.sh

    On 7.0.2 version and  when running acm_backup.sh script to take acm backup, we are getting error: deploy]# ./acm_backup.sh Operating System is 32 bit. 32 bit is not supported. The existing Operating System ver...
    Jithesh Yatheendran
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  • How we can use the AGS web service to add an entitlement to a role?

    How we can use the AGS web service to add an entitlement to a role?   curl -XPOST https://******/aveksa/command.submit?cmd=addEntitlementToRole&role_id=test&ent_id=test Error 500: Neither role name nor r...
    Ping Tai
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  • AveksaAdmin login not working post rebuilding schema

    After rebuilding avuser schema (000028204 - How to remove all user data stored in the RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle application database  steps followed), I'm unable to login to the GUI. It keeps giv...
    Devika Sunil
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  • workflow decision on role owner change

    We are trying to setup an role management workflow that in case of a change in role owner for a specific role an approval is requested from the role set owner.   For this we try to configure an Decision node in ...
  • ASR still shows old remote DB IP after cloning to a new environment

    Customer is on 7.0.2 with remote DB.  They cloned their environment to another VM to create a new dev environment.  In the new dev environment, IGL was not coming up.  Noticed that the config files like...
    Jithesh Yatheendran
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  • Is there a way to adjust the schedules for Rules and Collectors instead of manually updating each of them

    Version 7.0.2Application Server Name: JBOSSAppliance: falseSoft Appliance: trueDatabase: DB_REMOTE   Customer has migrated from 7.0.2 On-Premises to 7.0.2 AWS environment and noticed that all schedules like Rule...
    Jithesh Yatheendran
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  • Bulk action

    In the Aveksa 7.0.2 you as a reviewer could use bulk action for large amounts of mantains or revokes. In version 7.1 you can use the "Maintain" button with "Unchanged items". But except for that button, you can not re...
    Lena Nilsson
    created by Lena Nilsson
  • All Items are Completed but Request not

    Hi all,   There are plenty of change requests which have all items completed but request is still on Fulfillment Phase. I've shared an example below.   As you can see, overall status is 100% and all accoun...
    Yunus Emre Guloglu
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  • Send email to Users

    In the old version 7.0.2 there was a feature (very much appreciated) where the reviewer could send mail from within the Aveksa product to users in the review. We can not find the same in version 7.1.   Is that s...
    Lena Nilsson
    created by Lena Nilsson
  • Best practice - service account

    There are many service accounts in our system. And these are orphans.  Can anyone please detail about the best practice to follow for handling these accounts so that it can be audited. 
    Padmalochan Mohanty
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  • fulfill changes described in form

    In my termination form there are some actions which have to be done outside of IGL scope. I mean there are some instructions about the user's home folder, mobile phone, mailbox, etc which are not managed in IGL but st...
    Zoltan Izsak
    created by Zoltan Izsak
  • Entitlement based approval workflow

    Hi,   Is it possible to have an approval workflow based on the entitlement selected by the requestor?   In a workflow, request should be routed to individual approver based on the entitlement.   Exa...
    CW Moo
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  • How to set up a completion email?

    Hi all,   Could someone hlp how to add completion email and workflow (WF) is suatable for that. I added to the default WF before node "STOP" an Email node but I didn't receive an email about request which was c...
    Pchelintseva Olga
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  • Attribute Synchronization Transformation javascript

    Hi Team,   We need to transform the Job status value as below using Javascript. we are trying to transform this value in AD for extensionattribute 9 as Yes or No.   Can anybody please help to provide the j...
    Abhinav Singh
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  • How to add link to view AD Account from the Request form

    We have a requirement like while creating the AD Functional AD Account, requestor need to look into the latest account creation details. Can we add Link on the request form to view the latest AD Account.
    Abhinav Singh
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