• AD Attribute Compliance

    Hi everyone,   Just to confirm, they are no way to do a compliance on AD Attribute ?   To explain more the situation, we are migrating Microsoft FIM in RSA IGL. On FIM, where an attribute was changed ...
    Steve Alexandre
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  • Practises when having network problems

    We are using the software appliance version, with remote database. And never in my life did I expect that our environment would experience network problems.   But Murphy caught up with me, and now some days we g...
    David Horwath
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  • Review Result displayed Pending Action although user request had been completed review

    May i know how we can update the highlighted color with yellow with Completed from AGS DB perspective?   
    Ping Tai
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  • keep email address of terminated users

    I am collecting identities from a csv files and also I have an IDC for collecting email address from AD. When a user is terminated his/her AD account is disabled then deleted in 30 days. This causes the loss of recent...
    Zoltan Izsak
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  • AFX:Create Group capability

    Hi, I am trying to create an LDAP group using AFX's Ldap connector with 'createGroup' capability.    How do I add multiple members and multiple owners?      >The connector does not let m...
    Sunita Bhat
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  • application role logic

    Hello,   I'm seeking an advice how to meet our customer requirement. I need to set up a logic for one of our applications in Access Management, which has several roles available, to check the following: 'For &ldq...
    Martin Piroh
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  • Variables not visible

    Hi everyone,   Since I'm using the AFX OOTB, some one variable are not visible in the running request in the Run Time Data which is the "Change State" defined I think by the AFX Fulfillment Handler to verify the...
    Steve Alexandre
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  • Review escalation description table

    Due to other events related to monitors of our reviews, we have to start tracking when review escalations start disappearing from review results.  The following gives me 99% of all I want but I want to get the re...
    Boleslaw Mynarski
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  • Collect data from Tenable.sc to RSA IGL

    Hi everyone,   I am trying to collect data (users, groups, roles) from Tenable.sc application and I have found an article about Tenable integrations, see the  Tenable - Technology Integrations but ...
    Martin Dicky
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  • Rules - 1 AppRole per User

    Is there a quick and easy way to setup a rule so that a user is only allowed to have 1 approle from a specified business source?   The long way to accomplish this would be to setup an SOD role for every role to ...
    William May
    created by William May
  • Form Parameter does not get evaluated in the Web Service

    Hi,   I am using Drop Down Select with web service control type in form. I want to pass a form parameter as a value to the URI Parameter but when I run or debug it does not evaluate the Form Parameter in the UR...
    Shanti Deepak
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  • Accept & Reject buttons in approval notification

    Hello,   We would like to add some nice styling in the email which is triggered by our approval workflow. Ideally green Accept and red Reject button would meet the needs. I didn't however find accept or reject a...
    Martin Piroh
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  • Provisioning DAG File Shares

    Has anyone configured IGL to auto-provision file shares collected through Stealthbits Data Resource Collector? The file shares map to AD groups and we have an AFX connector to the AD already configured. Just wondering...
    Gaurav Kabra
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  • Workflow - Next Value Node Delimiter

    Hi folks,   Attempting to loop through a SQL selected array of XML values to perform IGL web service calls. The structure of an individual XML block is as follows:   <AccountChange>  &#...
    Alex Grant
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  • Advanced Query for Rule Condition

    Hi all,   I need to define a condition which starts with 'NT-' but there is no option on the role condition options. Type of 'Organization' is String. For instance, on the role's membership rule I can choose 'St...
    Yunus Emre Guloglu
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  • How to handle AFX error message ?

    Hello,   We have create a custom workflow to provision an AD Account when a identity join the entity. How can we handle error of the AFX? For example, the UPN existed already in the forest, an error message po...
    Steve Alexandre
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  • CyberArk Password Vault - Secured Integration

    Hi folks,   I'm trying to integrate IGL 7.1.1 P03 with our CyberArk vault through AIM. I have general connectivity, but I can't seem to nail down the secured connection.   WSDL URL: <AIM-WSDL-URL> A...
    Alex Grant
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  • IGL integration with Exchange- Alternative to PowerShell Server

    RSA IGL integration with Exchange Server requires Powershell Server to be installed in a server along with exchange tools. Then we can use the ssh connector or Exchange Connector from IGL to do tasks.   Is ther...
    shakti nayak
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  • How to enable AFX Custom Variables

    How do we utilize the AFX Custom variables from a workflow to an Oracle DB connector? We're getting the following error: AFX can not process this change item because a runtime value can not be found for the follow...
    Paul Cherrier
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  • HSM Integration IGL 7.1.1

    Looking to see if anyone has utilised a HSM for managing certificates for IGL 7.1.1 We are looking to move away from all RSA signed certificates and move to our own CA signed certs and integrate to a Thales HSM to ma...
    Stephen Murphy
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