• Add custom driver to AFX Connector templates

    We need to connect to a Maria DB via AFX. For that we need to add the Driver for Maria DB:   mariadb-java-client-2.4.4.jar   But neither the connector template for generic DB nor for MySQL allow to add cus...
    Jasmin Naber
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  • Provision account without entitlement

    Hello,   How can we provision account on a target without a specific entitlement on a target like Active directory? Our accounts does not have any standard group so we cannot give a default entitlement collecte...
    Steve Alexandre
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  • Access & Security Metrics - can you give rights to a user to reassign approvals tasks without allowing him to approve the task

    Hi all,   On Aveksa, I have designed custom app-roles to match our requirements based on user roles. However, i would a certain role to be able to strictly "reassign approvals tasks", without allowing that role...
    Armel Lupapi
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  • Naming Policy is not incrementing by number

    Version 7.1.1 P2 (Prod) P3 (Dev)   The naming policy is set to increment user IDs to prevent duplicate IDs. Example: if there are 3 JSMITHs, the IDs should be JSMITH, JSMITH1, and JSMITH2. However, when it sho...
    Shlomo Katz
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  • Register a User and create Account

    For a target system, the external user accounts are provisioned from a data sourced from request form.    Is there a way to create a Identity and then provision the account at the same time. I see a Registe...
    Jaydeep Mehta
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  • Bulk Add for Custom Values

    We need to add approximately 249 allowable values to a Custom Value List.  Is there a way to do this without having to manually key-in each value through the UI?  Perhaps a SQL to update a table?   Tha...
    Chris Pope
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  • An error occurred in the customizeACM command : error code 127

    Hi All, I got that error while I was installing version 7.1.0 P03. What should I do? Could you help me to solve problem?  
    Esra TOY
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  • Cannot signoff on group review

    I have a group Review that was at 100% and reviewed, however, when performing the signoff my user clicked "none". Now everything is "greyed out" and we cannot signoff on the Review and close it out. Attached are scree...
    Tamiko Doyle
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  • In a list of questionnaires, what does it mean when the last update is by Async Service, Archer?

    I have that the last updater of a questionnaire is Async Service, Archer.
    David Jacobs
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  • Automated process for updating custom attributes

    Hi All, We've a use case to update tags for  specific groups, entitlement and app roles of all applications in G&L to identify them uniquely and pull them in review definition based on that tag informatio...
    Abhinav Athikam
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  • Multi-Asset Review Reporting

    I am looking for a manageable solution that will allow me to provide reporting to a large audience of business source/asset owners which have their assets under review in a single user access review.   Cur...
    William May
    created by William May
  • Requirement for static URL (no token)

    Hello,   We've created new dashboard and added several custom buttons. One of the buttons we want to have available directly from the main dashboar is Password Reset button. Problem with this, is that password re...
    Martin Piroh
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  • How to setup Identity Governance & Lifecycle collector with Cloudera?

    Has anyone successfully integrated Identity Governance & Lifecycle with Cloudera?  What I mean by that, have you been able to create a collector to pull data from Cloudera and if so, what driver was used?...
  • Office 365 Retiring POP/IMAP

    We use Office 365 and received notification from Microsoft that they will retire Basic Authentication for EWS, EAS, IMAP, POP and RPS to access Exchange Online on 10/13/20. The notification states only OAuth...
    Lisa Ferraro
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  • LDAP Account Mapping Error

    Hi all,   While collecting accounts on LDAP, an error occurs as below yet all of them come when click the test button.    Could you please enlighten me what can be the reason?   Kind regards, T...
    Tilsim Geldisen
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  • Thycotic Secret Server integration with IG&L

    Does anyone has experience with integrating Thycotic Secret Server with RSA IGL ? How to collect data from Thycotic Secret Server?
    Padmalochan Mohanty
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  • Account Review - Can I disable the Revoke option

    Hello We have a quarterly review for contingent labor (re: AD source of truth). The Revoke seems to be mandatory in the review but against our processes.   Is there a way to disable the Revoke option.   ...
    Shlomo Katz
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  • Updating the network setting after the Virtual Application .ova file deployment

    RSA L&G version 7.1  Environment Server : Virtual appliance setup using the .ova file   I did the virtual appliance deployment and it took me through the IAG setting page after the ova deployment and it ...
    Lakshman Varadharajan
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  • Charts - Dynamic Click URL?

    Hi,   Using V7.1, I currently have an object dashboard configured against applications that includes a pie chart showing the number of orphan accounts.   What I'd like to then have is the ability to click ...
    Clive Morrish
    created by Clive Morrish
  • Removing User entry from deleted Accounts

    I am trying to perform a new hew hire scenario for a user. That user was part of organization in past. But as the user was deleted in past and it has been marked as deleted so my new hire scenario is not able to pro...
    Ashish Joshi
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