• Manage all AccessControls of Salesforce

    We are working on Salesforce integration approach. We understood from Salesforce team that they have the below following user access controls on application - Permission Sets Profiles Public Groups Queues  R...
    Dushyant Singh
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  • Request struck in pending Verification

    Request getting Struck in Wait for Verification.Please tell how to know what the issue is
    Vinita Singh
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  • How to use field/form level validation for DD web service variable

    I want to have a field/form level validation stating that i am fetching account using drop down with web service and i want to have an error message populated if the account is null in the drop down.   I  h...
    Durga Revanth T
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  • ServiceNow Application

    Hello,   it seems that the ServiceNow application requires the cloud-version of service now, is that correct? We have Service Now on prem and the test connection fails, digging around in the logs a bit I found&...
    Markus Calmius
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  • Automated process for updating custom attributes

    Hi All, We've a use case to update tags for  specific groups, entitlement and app roles of all applications in G&L to identify them uniquely and pull them in review definition based on that tag informatio...
    Abhinav Athikam
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  • RESTful AFX - Handling null values in the request body

    Hi Experts,   Below is part of a REST API JSON request body, which we are trying to setup in the OOB Restful AFX connector as part of a joiner WF.   { "userId": "${userId}", "userName": "${userName}", "...
    Jesvin Joseph
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  • How to add a reviewer to 'Active' Review?

    I added a reviewer on the blue blocked section (check below ss) on an active review. Reviewer couldn't see the review.      Do we need any refresh after adding new reviewer? On the Refresh Review Ite...
    Mekala Subramanian
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  • Scheduling Approval activity email reminder

    Hi all! Is there any way to schedule, on a daily basis, an email reminder for users that have approval activities that is not completed? (I'm aware of the escalation 'Email Reminder' but I would like to remind these ...
    Johan Arvidsson
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  • Manual fulfillment - request can't be handled

    A request goes to manual fulfillment and the assigned user clicks on the Perform button. Then the screen displays 'Request can not be handled' and there is nothing in the logs. This seems similar to a problem with we...
    Bas Rozemond
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  • Simple workflow request

    Hi everyone. Can I ask for "easy" help? I am studying the workflows within IGL 7.1. I would like to ask you for a little help as documentation is not so clear for me.   In an authorization workflow of a request...
    Shanelle Blake
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  • Requests not processed

    New requests aren't processed and remain in the open state. I think the following error message has something to do with it.   Does anybody have a suggestion?     com.aveksa.server.core.AdminServiceEx...
    Bas Rozemond
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  • AFX: Provisioining Command Node in Fulfillment Workflow

    We are trying to move AD accounts to different OU  based on some attributes collected from IDC.   Workflow implementation is done as:   Start-> Decision Node ->SQL select -> Provisioning Comm...
    Gunpreet Singh
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  • How  to disable Remove button from Members and entitlement tab under Roles

    Hi ,   I want to disable the Remove button for the  roles where no one must have a option to remove members/entitlements in  the role.       Could you please help me how can it...
    Durga Revanth T
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  • Maintain in Analysis & Guidance Panel

    In a Reviewdefinition, on the tab States, it is possible to change what is to be shown for Maintain and Revoke. But this setting does not affect the Analysis & Guidance panel in a Review. How do I change “Ma...
    Åsa Berg
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  • IGL 7.1.1 Scheduled collectors not running

    Anyone had/having issues with scheduled tasks not executing as expected - either collectors or custom workflows?   Noticed one of our ADCs had not run since it was imported into our live environment a couple of ...
    Andy Cheek
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  • How to Create Role set using some input file/csv

    Hi ,   We are collecting Roles using role collector and currently we have to create Role Set manually .   Is there any way to create Role Set automatically ? Based upon the input file.
    Durga Revanth T
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  • Account deleted while it is part of active Account Review

    Hi,   I have come across a situation where an account that is part of an active account review, that is yet to be actioned upon, has been deleted. The review does not have any indication that the account ha...
    Rahul Katariya
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  • request in error state

    Hi All,  We are facing one strange issue where some of our requests get stuck either in approval or fulfillment phase randomly.  We only get aware when customer complains for it.  Your suggestion/hel...
    Yogesh Mishra
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  • GDPR Compliance -> purge terminated identities

    One key requirement of GDPR is that identity related data needs to be purged. But IGL stores collected identities which got terminated forever by default. We currently run on 7.0.2. Will 7.1 or 7.1.1 offer in the...
    Jasmin Naber
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  • Collection stuck on Change Verification step

    Our Account Collectors run successfully for the target application. But after data collection and rule processing, collection stuck on  Change Verification step and keep in Running status forever. Neither it...
    Dushyant Singh
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