• Upgrade to 7.2.1 Patch 1

    Hi fellow experts, Hope everyone is doing well and healthy.   We are upgrading from 7.1.1 P01 to 7.2.1 Patch 1. Just wanted to check if there are any concerns or known issues we should be aware of before upgrad...
    Muzammil K
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  • Update to IGL 7.2.1 - database migration

    Hi,   I migrated from version 7.2.0 Patch 1 to version 7.2.1. Application update was successful, but I have a problem with the database migration. During the migration, I got an error that comes from the script...
    Robert Kowalczyk
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  • Modify hostname issue

    Hi Experts,   In the process of upgrading the RSA IGL environment from 7.0 to 7.2, we have installed the 7.2 P04 version on a new VM and have imported the AVDB schema to the new VM.   The old VM was t...
    Souvik Rudra
    created by Souvik Rudra
  • Sometimes I can't change the font in an email.

    When updating an email in an email node I can select some text and select a font from the drop down box, but it seems the change is not saved.  I can change the font in the HTML, but this code is quite messy. An...
    Bas Rozemond
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  • Request form has "User Selection"  , but cannot find it in fields tab

    While running form page of "User selection" pops where all the users in IDM are displayed, have to make some changes to that, cannot find that in Field section.
    Maninder Bhamrah
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  • How can I configure Access review Results with status 'ON HOLD' to be invisible/ hidden for Supervisors and Delegates?

    Hello Dear Community!   We have the issue that Access review Results with the status 'ON HOLD' are visible for Supervisors and Delegates. This leads to misunderstandings. I assume is acontrol somewhere unde...
    Georgi Ilchev
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  • Others' Passwords Reset flow issue

    RSA IGL 7.1.1   Use Case: an administrator resets a user's password which is randomly generated and a link to view the new password is sent to the user's email address (default Reset Password button + Default Re...
    Gabriele Rusconi
    created by Gabriele Rusconi
  • SSLHandshakeException on RSA IG&L 7.1.1

    Hello,   I'm trying to configure the Generic REST Connector on RSA IG&L 7.1.1 to implement a provisioning to Wallix endpoint. When I run the test suite for the "login" capability, I get the error below. ...
    Jacques Adankon
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  • Email Node with role

    Hi, I wanted to send an email to members of a role. While creating the email node I have seen that it is possible to use a variable which contains the name of the role. When I configure this I was expecting...
    Daniela Nicolai
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  • Disable membership rule edit for Role owner

    Hello Team,   We have few roles in which membership rule is specified. Is there any way we can disable membership rule edit option for Role owners.
    L .
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  • Custom Report - List date on which collectors and/or application where deleted

    I need to build a report showing the date on which an application and/or its collectors where deleted. Can anyone help me? The database and tables/views  available don't have that level of information.
    Armel Lupapi
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  • User access review - Application Coverage?

    Hi,   Does the "application coverage" in the user access performs statistics based on a snapshot at the time of the review generation or does it perform stats based on the current state of the collection?
    Armel Lupapi
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  • Remove a provisioned group automatically after 24 hours?

    We are trying to create a workflow to provision a requested group and after a 24 hour delay, remove that same group automatically as part of the same workflow. We've tried several routes within the workflow to set the...
    John Alongi
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  • "Generation of user data file failed" in CSV Collector

    Hello,   Issue with CSV IDC collector where the collection fails seemingly randomly.   The admin error in the UI is:  EC[81006] Context[RunID=1539425, IDC(Name=Workday CSV, ID=1568)] Message[Generati...
    Christopher Smith
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  • Change Password in AD for users

    Hello to all. Can you explain, perhaps with an example, how RSA IGL manages the change password of users on AD? I have seen a few times that it is possible to insert a link during the access in the IGL console with ...
    Max Tama
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  • Maximum limit of rows for CSV collector?

    Hello,   I have an IDC based off of CSV.  We are currently on 7.1.1 P07.  This issue has manifested itself shortly after patching.   The collection successfully completes.  However, the...
    Christopher Smith
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  • Having trouble getting links to work in escalation workflow

    Is there a trick to troubleshooting links in emails? I'm trying to modify our emails to be a bit better, but the hyperlink functionality is... finicky.   Below I'm attaching two email source code and the email t...
    Nathan Hans
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  • Naming Policies in Account creation and Account Template

    Hello to all. It seems to me that the naming policy can only be applied to resources of type "Directory" and not Application. I need, when creating an account, to use a specific format like "first letter of the name...
    Shanelle Blake
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  • Forgot Password / Reset Password use case

    Is there any guide/doc about Password Management use cases? In particular, a customer is asking for self-service reset password to mitigate Help Desk work load but the problems are: the authentication sour...
    Gabriele Rusconi
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  • Workday Non-HR data collections

    Hi, I have workday datasheet with me but it is specific to workday_hr data type. Is it possible to use the same configurations may be by changing the asked WSDL details, to get the security data collections or any ad...
    Neha Singh
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