• Where to modify form?

    Anyone know where I can modify the content of this page? This is the page that comes up when you click on a task in a request but BEFORE you click the perform button(I know where to edit that form).   Thanks for...
    Nathan Hans
    created by Nathan Hans
  • IJ000453: Unable to get managed connection for java:/jdbc/dematrix ERROR (default task-211) [SystemErr] java.lang.NullPointerException

    We are using a jsp page which is being used to run a select query at run time to check a users existing role. The jsp connects to the target application database whose connection details have been mentioned in aveksa_...
    Sunil Rajbhar
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  • RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle - Monthly Webinar Summary

    A summary of the monthly webinar's that have happened so far. Please find details and links below, which include the videos to watch back and also the content/presentations we used, along with all the Q&A   ...
    Jamie Pryer
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  • Importing Business Source to IGL 7.1.1 P03 - entsRequireAccountStr

    IGL 7.1.1 P03 introduces new functionality for the "Entitlements Require Account" option. This option allows the administrator to define whether a user requires an account for access in a connected application (for ex...
    Alex Grant
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  • Remote Agent supported Windows OS

    Per the v7.2.1 Installation Guide: Remote AveksaAgent installation is supported on the following operating systems: SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP2 SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP3 Windows Server 2012 R2 64...
    Patrick Sager
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  • Approval Grouping by Category

    Can someone please help with steps to group approval using category? what all necessary steps need to be executed to group approvals using "custom" category.
    Hemant Mandle
    last modified by Hemant Mandle
  • Change Request items are getting cancelled with unknown reason

    Hello,   Change request is active state but change request items are getting cancelled with unknown reason. These CR items are cancelling when there is an Approval and Fulfillment escalation happens.  ...
    Muneendra Sriram
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  • Global settings in workflows

    Does anyone know if you can use the Naming Policies or the password generator in the Password Management section in custom workflows?
    Tom Kelly
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  • Identity Collectors for Identities

    Hello,   I have a question regarding Identity Collections and how an identity is created/deleted/updated.   We have 2 identity collectors, one for Non-Employees (contractors, service providers etc.). ...
    Christopher Smith
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  • RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Webinar - Wednesday Dec 2nd 2020

    12/2/20 10:00 AM
    Calling all RSA Identity Governance and Lifecycle clients....   You are invited to a Zoom webinar. Please register with your company domain email, here: Webinar Registration - Zoom  Note: You MUST click...
    Jamie Pryer
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    RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Webinar - Wednesday Dec 2nd 2020
  • how to review individual accounts in a Data Resource Access Review

    Data Resource Access Reviews are a good way to review access to file shares because is combines accounts of users and orphan accounts, something that is not possible in a user access review.      Rec...
    Marcel van Kekeren
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  • Review | Option to have Bulk Maintain but not Bulk Revoke

    Dear Experts, Hope you all are healthy and doing well.   Just wanted to check in review definitions if there is a possibility to have bulk enabled but only for "Maintain" action and have "Revoke" action disable...
    Muzammil K
    last modified by Muzammil K
  • Script engine error

    Hi,    I am getting the below error, I have only made modification in SQL query in the workflow and not touched the variables still getting the error.    com.workpoint.common.exception.ScriptEngi...
    Maninder Bhamrah
    last modified by Maninder Bhamrah
  • Multi-App Entitlement collector failing with error code 22371

    Hi, I am trying to run Multi-App Entitlement Collector and when its executing the 'Entitlement Data Collection' task it tends to fail with the below error message. What causes the below error message?    EC...
    Hinalben Gohil
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  • Integration with Finacle Application

    Hi,   We have a requirement to integrate Finacle App with RSA, can someone please provide any connector guide for the same and provide a better insight on whether the connection should be established through DB ...
    Aastha Malhotra
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  • Need to use Java Node in Workflow

    Hi,   We have a requirement to built our own custom class and use it through java node. How can we implement the same and which additional jars are required to built our custom code.      Th...
    Aastha Malhotra
    last modified by Aastha Malhotra
  • Challenge questions need to be modified in password management

    Is it possible to change or append the challenge questions from AVDB?     I need few other questions to be enabled for the user to enroll themselves. 
    Vijayabaskar Balakrishnan
    last modified by Vijayabaskar Balakrishnan
  • How do we configure which fulfillment flow is used by the Revert Changes workflow?

    For all our requests workflows, we have set up a slightly modified version default AFX fullfillment workflow as our fulfillment flow, as such:   This works fine for fulfilling regular requests, but we've notic...
    George Kwakkernaat
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  • EOF on Socket error

    Customer has moved from OnPremise to O365. So had to change  URL for Inbound server. Getting Error : Failed to connect to Inbound Email server. Details EOF on socket).     PFB error:   Pleas...
    Padmalochan Mohanty
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  • RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Newsletter - Oct 2020, Issue #13

    DONT FORGET - please register for the upcoming septmber Webinar:  RSA Identity Governance & Lifecycle Webinar - Wed Oct 28th 2020    Our goal of this newsletter, is to help share more informati...
    Jamie Pryer
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