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Ricardo Llenque
Hello, can you tell me where to download the NetWitness scenario planner
in RSA NetWitness Platform
Sean Ennis
Click to view contentAs of RSA Netwitness Platform 11.5, analysts have a new landing page option to help them determine where to start upon login.  We call this new landing page Springboard.  In 11.5 it will become the new default starting page upon login (adjustable) and can be accessed from any screen simply by click the RSA logo on the top left.    The Springboard… (Show more)
in RSA NetWitness Platform
Michael Gallegos
Click to view contentRSA is pleased to announce the availability of the NetWitness Export Connector, which enables customers to export NetWitness Platform events and routes the data where you want, all in continuous, streaming fashion. Providing the flexibility to satisfy a variety of use cases.    This plugin is installed on Logstash and integrates with NetWitness… (Show more)
in RSA NetWitness Platform
Dion Stempfley
I'm not exactly sure how to approach this.  I have an IOC that is an image in an html based email with a height=0 and width=0.  I think I need write a LUA parser.  I'm not up to speed with this.  Is there anyone that can help?   Sample message segment: <html><head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=Windows-1252"></head>… (Show more)
in RSA NetWitness Platform
Ved Sharma
Hi,  Anyone can helpout me, to integrate Crowdstrike falcon with RSA Netwitness?
in RSA NetWitness Platform
Jefferson Oliveira
I’m having trouble with a few fields while using the native parser of Arbor Peakflow SP. I have created a few Log Parser Rules but as noted, they do not override any meta that has already been parsed in the original parser. Any idea on how to get NetWitness to correct these metakeys without having to write a create a custom parser with Log Parser… (Show more)
in RSA NetWitness Platform
Vinodh Kumar
I am getting an error message "Cannot connect to System Management Service" while accessing SA->Administration->Health and Wellness.   However, I checked the status of all the services like tokumx, rabbitmq, rsa-sms, jetty. No issues found in any of the services. All the services are running.   /var/lib/rabbitmq partition is also less than 75%.… (Show more)
in RSA NetWitness Platform
Is there a new version of Log Parser Tool in the roadmap?   Actual version is 2 years old. RSA, a Dell Technologies business, announces the release of RSA® NetWitness Log Parser Tool v1.1   We communicated some bugs end of 2019 to Dave Glover and it should be delivered with the next Netwitness major release.   Thank you
in RSA NetWitness Platform
Dave Glover
Click to view contentLately I have been using the sftpagent quite a bit for moving log files to NetWitness.  I have been running into the same issue on installs recently.   The issue happens on the first sftpagent agent connection to a log collector.   After installing the agent and creating a ssh key you need to run the following command to accept the log collector… (Show more)
in RSA NetWitness Platform
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