The New Face of NetWitness - Security Analytics

Blog Post created by NWPMM Employee on Aug 23, 2012

RSA Security Analytics is a game changer - why?  RSA Security Analytics at a high level defines a new security product category. It's the new name of our platform that's powered by NetWitness and combines network security monitoring, SIEM, and Big Data Management & Analytics. 


But first, we're excited to introduce the new Security Analytics interface.  It's awesome with a fresh look and feel.  The new GUI unifies all your analytics within a single interface.  Your investigative and analytical workflows will all be integrated by this platform independent, browser-based GUI. 


This new GUI will first launch as a beta with three analytic modules:  Investigation, Live and Administration.


Check out this sneak peek below:


1. The Unified Dashboard - has customizable dashlets that allow for quick investigative actions.  The Quick Tasks provide immediate access to popular features with a single click.  HTML 5 provides quick response to user input.  It's clean and simple.



2.  The Investigation module - we've put proven analytics functionality (Investigator) into an O/S independent browser.  So now, you have seamless integration between analysis views and Live context.  In addition, we introduce a new feature called Meta Groups where you can easily separate and organize investigative focus by use case.


3.  The Live module - centralizes threat intelligence and content acquisition so you can continue to centrally manage your distribution of content. 



4.  The Administration module - manage your environment by grouping devices for administration or data access.  Upgrade multiple devices at the same time.  New drag and drop capability for adding metrics and timeline charts into historical statistical information.


This is just a summary and we look forward to you navigating Security Analytics yourself and providing feedback!