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Tales from the Darkside: Would You Gamble on Rock Paper Scissors?

Blog Post created by RSA Admin Employee on Feb 6, 2013

RSA Firstwatch shines a spotlight in the darker corners of the Internet to better understand Internet Fraud and Criminal trends online.  When possible, RSA Firstwatch members will use this space to share information about some of our findings.


In FirstWatch, we see some common get rich quick schemes.  We see people frantically trying to answer online surveys to earn points or dollars.  We see referral dollars for downloading spyware-infected toolbars.  We see bitcoin mining that rarely strikes digital paydirt.  But the following site, run by a probable criminal, actually made me laugh out loud at the audaciousness of his scheme and the concept of his gambling site.  It is a Russian Site where you can gamble on Rock Paper Scissors.  The idea is you register, bankroll your gambling chips, and supposedly bet against "real members online" and the winner of the Rock Paper Scissors battle takes the pot.



The page has been translated from Russian.  You can see the popup where this gambling site is encouraging advertisers and referral hits and it promises 2,500 dollars a month in quick cash.  Of course the cash promise is too good to be true, and the system is most likely run by a statistics bot that will always favor the "house."


So what will Russian Mobsters do next to fleece people from their money?  If Online Rock Paper Scissors doesn't cut it, they might want to check out this scene here from Vegas Vacation and think up a new way to attract the Internet's Clark W. Griswalds.