Michael Wilson

Giving Back to the Community Through RSA Live Connect's 'Analyst Behaviors'

Blog Post created by Michael Wilson Employee on Aug 19, 2016

With the release of Security Analytics 10.6.1, we are more formally introducing the new RSA Live Connect community based threat intelligence sharing service.  This service is a cloud based threat intelligence service that gathers, correlates, analyzes, and process threat intelligence across the RSA Security Analytics community.  During this initial release of RSA Live Connect, the "Analyst Behaviors" service option provides an opportunity to voluntarily contribute threat intelligence information anonymously and securely to the Live Connect cloud service.  This threat investigation information will be used by RSA to improve the RSA Live threat intelligence services.   



Enabling the RSA Live Connect service in Security Analytics:


As mentioned, participation in the RSA Live Connect service is completely voluntary.  Upon initial install or upgrade of Security Analytics 10.6.1, an application administrator will proactively be presented with a popup window with detailed information about the service and the opportunity to confirm acceptance into the service or opt out through the Live Services configuration interface.  Also, authentication to Live Connect is down with existing RSA Live credentials.  If you don't have an RSA Live account, details for enrolling and configuring can be found at RSA Security Analytics Live account.  


Service popup:




Authentication via RSA Live Credentials:





Live Services Configuration:




The Live Connect service is being introduced as an open beta for all RSA Security Analytics customers with internet access and an RSA Live credential.  Participation in the beta is anonymous and optional.  For more detailed information about configuration and service details, see the RSA Security Analytics Live Connect documentation.


NOTE:  The RSA Live Connect service also provides a 'Threat Insights' option that is independent of the 'Analyst Behaviors' option.  Details for this option can be found in the blog post 'Leveraging RSA's New Live Connect Community Based Threat Intelligence Service'.  In addition, for a more detailed description see the RSA Security Analytics Live Connect documentation.