Michael Sconzo

Content update - Ransomware and friends

Blog Post created by Michael Sconzo Employee on Sep 1, 2016

As part of our continued efforts to bring customers better and more advanced ways of detecting malware we've got a few things to announce.


First off, the following malware families now have content in Live for you to download and deploy. If you'd like more information on the malware family check out the links (RSA Research). Stay tuned for a few more in the upcoming weeks.


Another part we're hard at work on is bringing more relevant and timely content to our feeds. This week, as part of some additional research that was conducted we've added 4000 unique Ransomware domains into our c2-domain feed, and 1150 unique IPs into our c2-ip feed. This all comes from analyzing 48 different Ransomware families and over 1600 samples. If you're especially concerned about Ransomware check out our Case Study Infographic on our main site.