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NetWitness Logs and Packets - User Group

Blog Post created by Pushpa Chandrashekaraiah Employee on Oct 10, 2016

NetWitness Logs and Packets User Group is formed in order to seek continuous feedback from our user base.


Who can participate?

Any customer who uses NetWitness Logs and Packets. 

NetWitness Product Management and UX team are also part of this User Group. 


What are User Group activities?

User Group members are provided several opportunities to interact with NetWitness product management team and also influence product functionalities. This is also an opportunity to know upcoming features of the product. 


  • Monthly meetings

        User Group meets once a month on a conference call. Meeting topics are chosen in advance and will be discussed in a very interactive way. Some of the topics discussed in the past included Investigation, (Incident) Respond workflow, Context Hub and Reporting. 


         Product Management and UX teams present the topic with wireframes, in-progress work or surveys to seek feedback. This feedback will be analyzed and added to the product as appropriate.


Note: We do not discuss roadmaps or RFEs in this meeting. These meetings are dedicated to discuss product functionality and design. 


  • Customer Environment Testing (CET)

User Group members get an opportunity to use the product in a hosted environment several times throughout the lifecycle for a release. The environment can be accessed at own pace to provide feedback.


  • Usability Testing

UX team seeks usability testing based on the product features and functionalities they are working on. 

When does User Group meet?

User Group meets once a month on a conference call. CET and Usability Testing are conducted based on needs. 

How can I participate? 

Contact NetWitness product manager Pushpa Chandrashekaraiah at pushpa.chandrashekaraiah@rsa.com