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LUA Parser to deal with Alternative Syslog formats

Blog Post created by David Waugh Employee on Jan 13, 2017

I have a customer who use something called a "Data Diode" to enforce one way connectivity through their network.

One result of this is that any syslog that is being sent through the diode gets its device IP changed.


For example any message that was sent through the diode would have the Source IP address and Sequence Numbers appended.


Original Message:


Jan 11 18:01:13: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface GigabitEthernet13/30, changed state to up


Message after Passing through Data Diode and seen by RSA Netwitness for Logs: 1515391: Jan 11 18:01:13: %LINEPROTO-5-UPDOWN: Line protocol on Interface GigabitEthernet13/30, changed state to up


Unfortunately this means that the device.ip is populated with the Data Diode address rather than the original source address. The LUA parser below checks logs coming from the same IP as the Data Diode, and if they have this header format, the IP address is extracted and stored in device.ip. 


This method works where logs are parsed by Security Analytics even with this additional header.


1) Edit the DataDiode.Lua on Line 41. This looks for the IP to check against with the format in decimal. In the file is 3232267011 in decimal format.
2) Add the address of the datadiode in decimal format. (If you are lazy just use http://ncalculators.com/digital-computation/ip-address-hex-decimal-binary.htm)
3) Copy the parser to /etc/netwitness/ng/parsers on both your logdecoder
4) Reload your parsers (with your script that you use)

local lua_DataDiode= nw.createParser("DataDiode", "Registers the IP given by the Data Diode into device.ip")


Takes a message from a data diode and adds the IP address supplied into device.ip
Sample Mesage: 8936: 008934: Jan 11 17:55:03.566: %SYS-6-LOGGINGHOST_STARTSTOP: Logging to host Port 514 started - CLI initiated

There can be any number of sequence numbers after the IP and the messages might be coming from any number of different event sources



function lua_DataDiode:sessionBegin()
deviceip = nil
devicetype = nil

function lua_DataDiode:CheckDevice(index,dtype)
if dtype == 'checkpointfw1' then
devicetype = dtype

function lua_DataDiode:CheckDeviceIP(index,dip)
-- Data Diode Device IP is
-- nw.logInfo("DataDiode: DeviceIP: " .. dip .. type(dip))
-- Note IP Addresses are stored in DECIMAL notation so need to convert dotted value to DECIMAL
-- To convert a.b.c.d is a *256 ^3 =b *256 ^2 +c *256 +d
--- is therefore 3232267011
if dip == 3232267011 then
deviceip = dip
--nw.logInfo("DataDiode: Matched")

function lua_DataDiode:register()

if deviceip then
-- Reparse the message:
-- nw.logInfo("DataDiode: DeviceIP has matched" )
local fullPayload = nw.getPayload():tostring()
local o1,o2,o3,o4,sequence,rubbish = string.match(fullPayload,"(%d+).(%d+).(%d+).(%d+)%s(%d+):(.*)")

--nw.logInfo("DataDiode: DeviceIP has matched" )

-- Check we have an IP address
if o1 and o2 and o3 and o4 then
host = o1*256^3 + o2*256^2 + o3*256 + o4
--nw.logInfo("DataDiode: Registered New Device IP: " .. host)

[nwevents.OnSessionBegin] = lua_DataDiode.sessionBegin,
--[nwlanguagekey.create("device.type", nwtypes.Text)] = lua_DataDiode.CheckDevice,
[nwlanguagekey.create("device.ip", nwtypes.IPv4)] = lua_DataDiode.CheckDeviceIP,