Eric Partington

Script - NwConsole whatiswrong

Blog Post created by Eric Partington Employee on Feb 3, 2017

One of my favorite troubleshooting commands as well as a method to archive and export configuration data for offline analysis is the whatiswrong command from NwConsole.


I am sometimes forgetful when looking for the commands I need so i wrote a wrapper script for this command that asks for the username, password, host and port to connect and grab the relevant command output as well as the error logs for the last 100 events for the last x days (configurable in the script).


Makes it very easy to run this command before you make a change, and then after the change to archive the configurations as well as look for any errors that may be in the logs.


output is written to a file locally where the script is run from with the date and hostname of the appliance/service .


Comments and improvements are welcome, hope it helps save typing.