Eric Partington

Reporting on IMDB

Blog Post created by Eric Partington Employee on Apr 6, 2017

Recently RSA NetWitness (NW) added the ability to report on the IMDB component of the platform.  Based on some recent questions it seemed useful to create a few template rules and reports that could be used to create a starter pack for reporting on IMDB data.


RSA IMDB reporting syntax


Included at the bottom is the rule and report pack that cover a few scenarios that should get you started reporting on data that you might want to see.


Some things that I have found out during this development.

  • in the alerts table the alert.host_summary is visible as an option, but the alert.user_summary is not visible.  You can add alert.user_summary to report on that data manually and it works for me ( - Bug reported for that to fix.
  • in the incidents table the 'name' of the incident is not visible as a usable meta value.  if you add 'name' manually you can add the incident name to the report. Bug reported for that to fix as well.


S you can create rules that provide data like this for alerts:

Like this for incidents

or pretty close to this


The rules in the included pack