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Upgrade to RSA NetWitness v11 & Maximize Your ROI by Investing in RSA Professional Services

Blog Post created by Jacob Dorval Employee on Jan 18, 2018

Upgrade to RSA NetWitness Version 11 With RSA Professional Services:

There are numerous reasons why organizations are upgrading to RSA NetWitness Suite Version 11.  The majority are interested in the highly intuitive & redesigned user interface, the new product capabilities, the launch of “Respond” and many other usability & serviceability enhancements that come with version 11.  Regardless of what your reason is for upgrading, our RSA NetWitness Professional Services team will ensure you get through your upgrade thoughtfully and successfully while minimizing the amount of time you need to take away from your daily responsibilities.


One of the biggest challenges we face in the security industry today is a lack of resources.  If your organization doesn’t have the skillset needed to perform the upgrade independently or if your employees can’t take the time out of their daily obligations to perform the upgrade, I strongly encourage you to engage with RSA Professional Services as your trusted adviser to perform the upgrade for you. 


At RSA, we have a global Professional Services team that is certified on the RSA NetWitness product and fully trained on the upgrade to RSA NetWitness v11.  Our battle tested team will ensure you have a successful upgrade and will minimize the amount of time it takes to complete the upgrade to RSA NetWitness 11.


Our Professional Services team has several flexible offerings that can be leveraged for upgrading your environment.  From smaller environments to very large and complex global enterprise deployments, we have offerings that will meet your business requirements as well as your preferred procurement method.


Key Benefits of working with RSA PS include: 

  • We bring the most real-world field experience: Founded in 1982, RSA has worked with more organizations in more countries for more years than anyone else, and have logged over 100,000 engagements.
  • Our battle-tested teams have tackled the most sophisticated and complex cybersecurity and compliance challenges.
  • We come with the highest level of expertise: Our professionals are trained and certified in the most advanced technologies and methodologies, and are thought-leaders through leading research, conferences, publications, education and training programs.
  • We’ll ensure your upgrade is thoughtfully planned out and executed jointly with our team of experts
  • We’ll help you maximize your ROI by receiving detailed Knowledge Transfer through a series of workshops during the engagement about the new version, how to use the latest features & functionality as well ashow to extract the most value out of the product.
  • We’ll give you the peace of mind knowing you are in the hands of experts who have helped many other organizations like yours successfully navigate the exact same upgrade process and have insights into common risks seen in other environments
  • We’ll give your employees the ability to focus their attention on their day to day duties rather than putting those entirely to the side to perform an upgrade

Please contact your local Account Representative for more information about RSA's upgrade services.  We offer a combination of both fixed scope upgrade services as well as upgrade services that can be custom scoped for your specific implementation and business requirements.  If you are unsure who your Account Representative is please contact me directly and I’ll personally help you get in touch with the right person.  You can contact me at Jacob.dorval@rsa.com


Upgrading to RSA NetWitness Version 11 Without Professional Services:

For those customers who wish to complete the NW11 upgrade journey without PS Support, you’re still in great hands.  The engineering teams at RSA delivered an incredibly high quality product and documented the entire upgrade process very well.  Please be sure to read and follow the product documentation step by step to ensure you have a successful upgrade.


This link is the main RSA NetWitness v11.0 page where you can find the documentation, release notes, upgrade guides, etc.  Beware, there are several unsupported configurations in RSA NetWitness Version 11.  Be sure to familiarize yourself with these configurations prior to executing your upgrade.  This is all well documented in the v11.0 Release Notes.  


If you do run into trouble during the upgrade our RSA NetWitness Customer Support team is always standing by to assist.  Simply open up a support case via RSA Linkclicking on “My RSA” up at the top and then clicking on “Create New Case.” 


About RSA Global Services:

If you haven’t talked with your Account Representative lately about RSA’s Global Services offerings I would highly recommend doing so.  There are numerous offerings that can help you through your transition.  We offer services for our RSA NetWitness customers from the following teams in Global Services: RSA University, RSA Professional Services, RSA Customer Support and the RSA Risk and Cybersecurity Practice which includes RSA Incident Response and RSA Advanced Cyber Defense.  You'll find that we have many of the services your business needs to be successful and mature your security operations.  


To give you a sneak peek, below you will find a high level, 1 slide overview of each practice which shows some of the offerings we provide.  If you’d like to obtain more information or have a conversation about any of these service offerings please feel free to contact your local Account Representative or contact myself directly.  


RSA Cybersecurity Experience & Global Services Overview:


RSA Professional Services:


RSA Advanced Cyber Defense:


RSA Incident Response:


RSA University:


RSA NetWitness Customer Support:


Thanks everyone. I hope you are as excited to move to RSA NetWitness v11 as we are.  


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