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NetWitness Endpoint Column and Meta Groups (11.1 Insights or 11.0/4.4 Meta Integration)

Blog Post created by Sean Ennis Employee on Apr 25, 2018

Here are a few column and meta groups to help get you started in NW 11.1 for either the free NW Endpoint Insights integration or the existing NW Endpoint 4.4 meta integration.  These are designed to help speed up analysis based on the category of endpoint data of interest.  It's also worth remembering that you have access to a lot of this data in a per-host context with the new 11.1 Investigate > Hosts view which is a handy way to get a snapshot of what is going on at a given point and time for a specific host, without (or prior to) querying the NWDB, eg:



When hunting or analyzing endpoint data across an entire environment, or in context with network and other log data for a specific host, you would then want to pivot into the more traditional Investigate > Navigate/Hosts view which is where you would apply the appropriate meta and column groups.



Meta Group (1) 

Top down organization of keys:

   - Host Information

   - Data Category (+Action for event tracking)

   - File/Process Keys

   - IPv4 Keys

   - User Keys

   - Service, Autoruns, Tasks


[NWEndpoint] Event and Scan Summary:

Column Groups (5)

When using column groups for analysis of NW Endpoint data, I like having both a generic column group that can show all event and scan data categories on the same page without too much clutter, as well as specific column groups mapped to individual categories (eg. Process Analysis, File Analysis, Autorun Analysis, etc.).  The NW 11.1 platform lets you toggle between these at will.  Also note that these will apply to both Event view and Event Analysis view.


Eg. [NWEndpoint] Event and Scan Summary (same keys as the Meta Group)


Eg. [NWEndpoint] Process Analysis

(Note: 'Process Event' category is only available with the full NW Endpoint Agent)

Eg. [NWEndpoint] File & DLL Analysis


Eg. [NWEndpoint] Service Analysis


Eg. [NWEndpoint] Autorun & Task Analysis


Investigation: Manage Column Groups in the Events View 

Investigate: Use Meta Groups to Focus on Relevant Meta Keys 


** NOTE:  The attached groups use the meta key 'param' to display "Launch Arguments".  11.1 out of box configuration maps this to the 'query' key instead.  'Param' will be the default as of the patch, but in the mean time you can either update your table-map.xml/concentrator index manually, or switch the meta key referenced in the groups to 'query' which is the 11.1 out of box setting.


Process: Host GS: Maintain the Table Map Files  for the table-map.xml instructions, and Core Database Tuning Guide: Index Customization  for the concentrator index.

table-map-custom.xml addition:  <mapping envisionName="param" nwName="param" flags="None"/>

index-concentrator-custom addition:  <key description="Launch Arguments" level="IndexValues" name="param" format="Text" valueMax="100000" />