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How To Contribute Your Parsers to the RSA NetWitness GitHub

Blog Post created by Eric Partington Employee on Jul 19, 2018

Here's the steps you'll need to follow to initiate a fork of the RSA NetWitness Log Parsers Repository


  • Create a fork (your copy of the full repo) from the link on top right corner of page
  • Create a new branch in your repo for your work and add your new parser work under community folder
  • Each new parser should be kept in a new folder with its name
    • only add the parser.xml file (not zip or .envision file)
  • Create a new folder for your parser by clicking new file button, when the box shows up add the folder name then a slash and then the file name (this creates a folder for your file which isn’t obvious from the UI)
  • Copy and paste the text of your parser into the editor
  • Only include the .xml and .ini file and nothing else (no .envision or .zip)
  • Add data to the Commit description at the bottom and click commit new file
  • Raise a pull request to merge your changes to the RSA NetWitness repo
    • Open your repo page on
    • Click create pull request
    • Name the pull request
    • Request will go to the RSA content team for review and merging into the parser(s)

How to Update your forked log-parsers repository to get latest version

  • Log into your github account
  • Locate the forked nw-logparsers repository in your account

  • Click on compare (right side)

You will get a notification like this if it’s the first time for comparing

There isn't anything to compare.
someone:master is up to date with all commits from me:master. Try switching the base for your comparison.

Click on switching the base

Or you will see this if you have compared before:


*** important  ***

Github defaults to sync your changes to the upstream fork, in this case we want the opposite.

Chagne the base fork (left option) to be your fork (not the netwitness/nw-logparsers)

Now you will see a different comparing changes screen and a note about comparing the same two things:


Click the compare across forks:

Click the head fork and change to the netwitness/ fork:

Now you see the commits since the repository was forked:

Click on Create pull request:

Give it a title and if required a description


On the next page click Create pull request

Click confirm merge:

Your copy of the RSA Netwitness nw-logparsers repo is now updated

You can review the latest code and also submit new parsers or updates to your already submitted parsers using the above process.


The resource I used which helped me along with this was the following very helpful GitHub link: