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What's on your wire: Doing more with GEOIP

Blog Post created by Christopher Ahearn Employee on Oct 29, 2018

I was recently working with Eric Partington who asked if we could get the Autonomous System Numbers from a recent update to GEOIP.  I believe at one point this was a feed, but had been deprecated.  After a little bit of research, I learned that an update had been made to the Lua libraries that allowed for the calling of a new api function named geoipLookup that would give us this information as well as some other information that might be of interest.  A few years ago, I painstakingly created a feed for my own use to map countries to continents.  I wish I had this function call back then.


The api call is as follows:



-- Examples:
-- local continent = self:geoipLookup(ip, "continent", "names", "en") -- string
-- local country = self:geoipLookup(ip, "country", "names", "en") -- string
-- local country_iso = self:geoipLookup(ip, "country", "iso_code") -- string "US"
-- local city = self:geoipLookup(ip, "city", "names", "en") -- string
-- local lat = self:geoipLookup(ip, "location", "latitude") -- number
-- local long = self:geoipLookup(ip, "location", "longitude") -- number
-- local tz = self:geoipLookup(ip, "location", "time_zone") -- string "America/Chicago"
-- local metro = self:geoipLookup(ip, "location", "metro_code") -- integer
-- local postal = self:geoipLookup(ip, "postal", "code") -- string "77478"
-- local reg_country = self:geoipLookup(ip, "registered_country", "names", "en") -- string "United States"
-- local subdivision = self:geoipLookup(ip, "subdivisions", "names", "en") -- string "Texas"
-- local isp = self:geoipLookup(ip, "isp") -- string ""
-- local org = self:geoipLookup(ip, "organization") -- string ""
-- local domain = self:geoipLookup(ip, "domain") -- string ""
-- local asn = self:geoipLookup(ip, "autonomous_system_number") -- uint32 16406
function parser:geoipLookup(ipValue, category, [name], [language]) end


As you know, we already get many of these fields already.  Meta keys such as country.src, country.dst, org.src, and org.dst are probably well known to many analysts and used for various queries.  Eric had asked for 'asn' and because I tried it previously with a feed, I wanted to include 'continent' as well.  


So....I created a Lua parser to get this for me.  My tokens were meta callbacks for ip.src and ip.dst.


[nwlanguagekey.create("ip.src", nwtypes.IPv4)] = lua_geoip_extras.OnHostSrc,
[nwlanguagekey.create("ip.dst", nwtypes.IPv4)] = lua_geoip_extras.OnHostDst,


My intent is to build this parser to work on both packet and log decoders.  I had originally wanted to use another function call, but found this was not working properly on log decoders.  However, the meta callbacks of ip.src and ip.dst did work.  Now, with this in mind, I could leverage this parser on both packet and log decoders. :-)


The meta keys I was going to write into were as follows:


nwlanguagekey.create("asn.src", nwtypes.Text),
nwlanguagekey.create("asn.dst", nwtypes.Text),
nwlanguagekey.create("continent.src", nwtypes.Text),
nwlanguagekey.create("continent.dst", nwtypes.Text),


Since I was using ip.src and ip.dst meta, I wanted to apply the same source and destination meta for my asn and continent values.  


Then, I just wrote out my functions:


-- Get ASN and Continent information from ip.src and ip.dst
function lua_geoip_extras:OnHostSrc(index, src)
   local asnsrc = self:geoipLookup(src, "autonomous_system_number")
   local continentsrc = self:geoipLookup(src, "continent", "names", "en")

   if asnsrc then
      --nw.logInfo("*** ASN SOURCE: AS" .. asnsrc .. " ***")
      nw.createMeta(self.keys["asn.src"], "AS" .. asnsrc)
   if continentsrc then
      --nw.logInfo("*** CONTINENT SOURCE: " .. continentsrc .. " ***")
      nw.createMeta(self.keys["continent.src"], continentsrc )


function lua_geoip_extras:OnHostDst(index, dst)
   local asndst = self:geoipLookup(dst, "autonomous_system_number")
   local continentdst = self:geoipLookup(dst, "continent", "names", "en")


   if asndst then
      --nw.logInfo("*** ASN DESTINATION: AS" .. asndst .. " ***")
      nw.createMeta(self.keys["asn.dst"], "AS" .. asndst)
   if continentdst then
      --nw.logInfo("*** CONTINENT DESTINATION " .. continentdst.. " ***")
      nw.createMeta(self.keys["continent.dst"], continentdst)


This was my first time using this new api call and my mind was racing with ideas on how else I could use this capability.  The one that immediately came to mind was enriching meta when X-Forwarded-For or Client-IP meta existed.  If it did exist, it should be parsed into a meta key called "orig_ip" today or "ip.orig" in the future.  The meta key "orig_ip" is formatted as Text so I need to account for that by determining the correct HostType.  We don't want to pass a domain name when we are expecting to pass an IP address.  I can do that by importing the functions from 'nwll'.


In the past, the only meta that could be enriched by GEOIP was ip.src and ip.dst (I have not tested ipv6.src or ipv6.dst).  Now with this API call, I can apply the content of GEOIP to other IP address related meta keys.  I have attached the full parser to this post.  


Hope this helps others out there in the community and as always, happy hunting.