Eric Partington

Bulk Content Deployment with Resource Bundles

Blog Post created by Eric Partington Employee on Feb 19, 2019

Josh Randall had a recent post that showed how to use the resourceBundle package to create a custom package for content deployment.

Leveraging RSA Live to Deploy Custom Parsers in Large Environments 


I took the idea from Josh and took it a step further to create a script that lays down the structure of the resourceBundle for you, then provides a second script to zip up the appropriate content to create your resource bundle.  This should remove the need to hand edit the xml files to create the proper linkages.


The script is hosted here:

GitHub - epartington/rsa_nw_script_resourcebundle: Script to create a resource bundle for netwitness content 


Run the script from the site above in the folder where you want the bundle created

follow the README.MD to add supported content to the right folder structure created.

Content is placed in the version folder
##Currently working in this script:
Not working/Not implemented
All other folders

require clear text nwr files to be placed in the version folder
if there is more than 1 line per .nwr file then it will split the file into multiples (one line per file) and rename the original file to .multiline
requires lua parser in the version folder
the script will zip the lua file up


run the script to create the XML and zip file for upload via the RSA NW UI > Configure > Deploy package.


Now you are able to upload content in one file, to many locations in the NW environment saving you time.