Corey Dukai

NetWitness Platform 11.4 is Near!

Blog Post created by Corey Dukai Employee on Jan 30, 2020

The newest version of the RSA NetWitness Platform is almost here!


We’re excited to release the 11.4 version of the RSA NetWitness Platform very soon. We’ve worked hard on many new features and enhancements that will help users detect, investigate, and understand threats in their organizations.


This version introduces new features in analyst investigation, UEBA, Respond, administrative functions, and RSA NetWitness Endpoint, that collectively make security teams more efficient and arm them with the most relevant and actionable security data. Some of the more noteworthy 11.4 features include:


  • Enhanced Investigation Capabilities: Fully integrated free-text search, auto-suggestion, & search profiles
  • Smarter Network Threat & Anomaly Detection: UEBA expanded to analyze packet data with 24 new indicators
  • Improved Visualization of Incidents: Respond visualizations are clearer with enhanced relationship mapping
  • Expanded Functions for Endpoint Response: Powerful Host forensic actions and dynamic analysis directly from the RSA NetWitness Platform
  • Simplified File Collection from Endpoint Agents
  • Single Sign-on Capability
  • Distributed Analyst User Interfaces
  • New Health and Wellness (BETA)

This is not an exhaustive list of all the changes, please see the Release Documentation for the nitty gritty of the release details and to understand the full list of all the changes we’ve made in this release.


In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be publishing additional blog entries that demonstrate how this new functionality operates, and the benefits customers can expect to realize in 11.4.


The RSA Product team is excited for you to try this new release!