Islam Rashad

Microsoft 365, MS Threat Intelligence, Azure and Qualys Dashboards for RSA NetWitness Evolved SIEM

Blog Post created by Islam Rashad Employee on Apr 10, 2020

Interested in having a central single pane of glass view across your cloud, on-prem and virtual infrastructure?. Well, then with no shadow of doubt the use of the RSA NetWitness real-time dashboards and charts will come into play. 


The attached dashboards,  charts and RE rules will help you in getting a real-time monitoring to what really matters across the mentioned technologies and log sources.  


Below snapshots explain what you would ultimately see after importing the attached content to your NW11.3+ reporting-engine and dashboards: 

(considering that you have successfully integrated those log sources and parsed their logs to the meta keys that will allow the below dashboards to be populated with the relevant information)



Qualys Vulnerability Scanner Dashboard