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Selective Network Data Collection

Blog Post created by William Hart Employee on Sep 25, 2020

As of RSA NetWitness 11.5, configuring what network traffic your Decoders collect and to what degree it should collect it has become much easier. Administrators can now define a collection policy containing rules for many network protocols and choose whether to collect only metadata, collect all data (metadata and packets), or drop all data.


NW 11.5 Selective Collection Policy Creation


This is made simpler by out-of-the-box (OOTB) policies that cover most typical situations. These can also be cloned and turned into a custom policy that fits your environment best. 


NW 11.5 Initial Selective Collection Policies


The policies are managed out of a new central location that has the ability to publish these policies to multiple network Decoders at once. This allows an administrator to configure one collection policy for DMZ traffic and distribute that to all the DMZ Decoders while simultaneously using a separate policy for egress traffic and distribute that to all the egress Decoders.


NW 11.5 Selective Collection Policy Status


An administrator can view which policies are published, the Decoders they have been applied to, when the last update was made and by whom. The policies can also be created in draft form (unpublished) and not distributed to Decoders until a maintenance window is available.


Initially this capability focuses on network collection, but long-term plan is to continue adding types of configurations and content to be administered using this centralized management approach. Please reference the RSA NetWitness Platform 11.5 documentation for further details at Decoder: (Optional) Configure Selective Network Data Collection 


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