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Enhanced Threat Intel support via STIX in NetWitness

Blog Post created by Devadas Ck Employee on Sep 28, 2020

RSA NetWitness has been supporting Structured Threat Information eXpression (STIX™) as it has been the industry standard for Open Source Cyber Threat Intelligence for quite some time. 



In NetWitness v11.5 we take the power of Threat Intelligence coming from STIX to the next level. When in Investigate or Respond views, you will now see context of the Intel delivered by STIX right there next to the meta like this:


For this - NetWitness Platform’s has enhanced the existing integration with STIX to improve the threat detection capabilities with improved Threat Intel information to detect and respond to attacks in a timely manner. Now, when an analyst investigates threat intelligence information retrieved from a STIX data source, the context for each indicator is displayed. The context information includes viewing the adversary and the attack details directly from Context Hub, in both Investigate and Respond views.


Note that for the analyst to use this capability, an administrator needs to configure the STIX data sources to retrieve the threat intelligence data from the specified STIX source as below.



  1. Add & Configure STIX/TAXII as a 'Data Source' (note that you can add TAXII server/REST server/STIX file): 
  2. Create Feeds: Setup STIX feed from Custom Feeds section. Note that you can now see all the existing STIX Data Sources (as added in pervious step) to create feeds out of them. See Decoder: Create a STIX Custom Feed  for more details.
  3. Context Lookup Summary
  4. Context Lookup Details:

Here are the links to detailed documentation around STIX: 


Check it out and let us know what you think!


We strongly believe in the power of feedback! And thus please leave any feedback or suggestions on how to make this experience even better. To see what else may be in store for future releases, go to the RSA Ideas portal for the RSA NetWitness Platform to see enhancements that have been suggested, vote on them, and submit your own.