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RSA SecurID Access

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RSA Product Team
RSA SecurID Access supports using FIDO-certified security keys as an authentication option. RSA SecurID Access supports FIDO2 and U2F compliant security keys.   RSA SecurID Access supports security keys for both primary (the passwordless user experience) and additional authentication (additional or step-up authentication). FIDO2 security keys can… (Show more)
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RSA Link Team
Date Range:  Sunday, December 1st -- Saturday, December 7th   Article Title Author Last Published Date 000025471 - Support for Firewall-1 running on Check Point Secure Platform (SPLAT) with RSA SecurID protocol Ahmed Abouelnaga 05 Dec 2019 000025753 - Access Denied Syntax Error when authenticating with Oracle SQL RADIUS client using Advanced…
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xiaoyun qi
Hi RSA support team We got a Test Case to Test the account replica from Primary instance to the Replica instance. the test scenario is when I create a user account in the Primary instance SC console, then there some logs or reportings show up in the Replica instance  SC console.   I've tried the reporting function in the SC console… (Show more)
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Licences Garanties
Hi, Can you send us the procedure for creating a support account on our RSA console?  Mélanie Bergeron
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Ivan Scekic
Hello, we use RSA SecurID Token software ver in our organization, OS Windows 10 build 1803. Today we encountered strange problem: when I try to import token for one user I get window "Select Device" and message "Select the device where the token will be stored:" and blank white space. I found solution on your website but for Mac. Do… (Show more)
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Jai Pagare
@Hello Al   I have a project to be submitted.   Here's the scenario. I have 2 RSA Authentication Managers in Prod. Right now, our privilege access management is pointing to primary RSA AM, and when I am doing maintenance I have to manually switch RADIUS authentication to secondary. To overcome with this problem I am looking to create F5 VIP… (Show more)
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Shashank Rajvanshi
Click to view contentPasswords suck No one likes passwords, and they are the weakest link in the security chain. End users have way too many passwords to manage and they are impossible to remember— especially when you are required to change them every few weeks. 80% of breaches still involve compromised and weak credentials1. Passwords are expensive for… (Show more)
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Nicanor Pulido
Hi, as far as I know, there is no Apple MacOS equivalent to the RSA SecurID Acces Agent for Microsoft Windows (neither for the classic Auth Manager Agent nor the new MFA Agent). My question, is this agent in roadmap? Or, any workaround to secure the access to these desktops? Many thanks.
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Stephen Jeon
Hi, I was wondering how you can bind a software token profile to a specific device platform (Windows PC, IOS etc).  We have recently onboarded desktop soft tokens for windows and MAC desktops and made two separate software token profiles for both however I noticed when testing that I was able to use the MAC OS desktop token profile successfully… (Show more)
in RSA SecurID Access
ghafoor kc
Hi,   I checked one implementation and did not find the file " sdopts.rec , what does it mean ?    Thanks
in RSA SecurID Access
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