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Kris Hong
Click to view contentHello,   I installed RSA Auth Agent 7.4.2 on a Citrix XenApp 7 server (Server 2016) with Server VDA 7.1808_2 installed. During a test published application startup, it stop at Windows Sign-in box popped out as below image, and log on field is not displayed.    When I uninstalled RSA Auth Agent 7.4.2 from the server,the published app loaded… (Show more)
in RSA SecurID Access
Touseef Ahmad
license violation active user limit exceeded message prompts while we have 7 unassigned tokens available to use. I removed about 4 users from active directory then assign token to new user by using RSA this time problem resolved. Kindly guide me regarding this problem and why token assigned after deleting users from AD?
in RSA SecurID Access
Olivier Tournant
In our organization, we can add the same group to a user with different alias. When using AMBA 8.3 (without any patch), the DUG command removes the Group Membership from the user, no matter the alias(es) assigned.   Is there any command enabling to target a specific alias for a group assigned to a user ?   Thanks all for your help.   PS : we… (Show more)
in RSA SecurID Access
Scott Williamson
I have a server running Windows Server 2016, WDS, and an Active Directory help desk tool for our users. I have no problem authenticating to the server. However, I keep seeing node secret mismatch verification errors from users trying to authenticate to the AD tool. I reset the node secret in RSA to correct this same issue 5 days ago.I refuse to… (Show more)
in RSA SecurID Access
Subrahmanyam Peddibhotla
Messages "Primary connection pool for "slot-0-user" failed" "Failed to connect to Identity source". I am seeing the above messages in the system log monitor.   When they show none of the end users were able to authenticate to Authentication Manager. What might be the reason and how to fix it.
in RSA SecurID Access
Anthony Fualdes
Hi,   Does someone know if the the validity period of a QR Code is modifiable ? maybe in CLI ? The goal of this customisation is to let more time to users to registrate its software token by extending this duration.   By default the Token must be activated using the QR Code within 7 days   Thank you in advance.   Anthony FUALDES
in RSA SecurID Access
David Pala
Click to view contentHi Folks !   Using AMBA, II would like to delete a user with his alias from a group. Saying that the user has several aliases for this particular group.   Here is the AMBA DUG function description :   Reading this, I can't figure out where to put the GrpDefLogin field. Or should I use another function to get my job done ?   Help much… (Show more)
in RSA SecurID Access
Jesse Gardner
We use ADFS to federate access to the AWS console.  For users that don't require MFA, I'm able to use PowerShell to authenticate to ADFS, basically: POST to https://adfshost/adfs/ls/IdpInitiatedSignon.aspx?LoginToRP=urn:amazon:webservices with a body containing Active Directory credentials, and the response contains a SAMLResponse field that I… (Show more)
in RSA SecurID Access
Denise Sposato
    Monday, March 4, 2019 Marriott Marquis 780 Mission Street San Francisco, CA Directions  We cordially invite you to a special program at RSA Conference 2019 designed for Public Service, US Federal, DoD and State & Local Government.  Join your peers, government IT luminaries, and RSA executives, for engaging government-specific sessions,… (Show more)
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