Jason Oeltjen

New Features for Fall in RSA SecurID Access

Blog Post created by Jason Oeltjen Employee on Nov 30, 2015

Earlier this year we introduced RSA SecurID Access, The enterprise grade IDaaS solution that delivers secure access to cloud and mobile applications without creating roadblocks for users. However, like our customers’ needs, our product will continue to evolve rapidly. This quarter we have released a range of new updates for our enterprise customers and I’d like to highlight a few them.


Improvements for end users

The end user experience is the heart of the simple and secure capabilities of RSA Via Access. In this release, we’ve made the mobile application easier for users to provide step-up authentication by enabling users on iOS devices to take approve or deny actions right from the notification, without opening the app. In addition, users can approve or deny access from their Apple Watch.


For Samsung device users, we’ve partnered with Samsung to enable the Samsung fingerprint sensor to work with RSA Via Access fingerprint authentication. Administrators don’t need to worry about whether users have Samsung or Apple devices. Simple setup for fingerprint authentication will enable both brands of devices to work seamlessly. For those users without a device that supports fingerprints, the flexibility of the RSA Via Access policy engine will make sure they have a secure and convent method of assurance available as well.


As RSA Via Access gains traction around the world, we recognize that we have to continue to enhance our global capabilities. As a result, we have extended localization of our end user components to 6 new languages (German, Spanish, French, Japanese, Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese).


Improvements for Administrators

RSA Via Access strives to have a powerful yet simple to use administrator interface. We know that companies need lots of capabilities and flexibility in their IAM solutions. However, if they’re too difficult to understand and administer, you end up with great features that no one can use. IT Administrators are busy people so we try to keep administration time needed for RSA Via Access to a minimum. Sometimes it’s simple things. In this release we’ve added efficiency improvements in many places of the product. For example, administrators can now copy an existing complex policy so they can quickly build new policies off an existing one. Also, to make connecting to applications simpler, we’ve introduced SAML metadata import and export support to reduce application setup errors and make connecting to applications faster.


Extend Functionality

While over 90% of enterprises use Microsoft Active Directory, many of those companies have AD plus other identity sources. Because of this we now have support for LDAPv3 directories. Companies can use AD, LDAP or combinations of both as their system(s) of record for identities.


This is a sample of what’s new with RSA Via Access. Much of this new functionality was included in our Fall Release. The release notes for that release can be found HERE. Stay tuned as we have a lot more to release in the coming months. 2016 will be an exciting year for us at RSA and, specifically, for RSA Via Access.