Ayelet Biger

Using a load balancer with RSA SecurID Access

Blog Post created by Ayelet Biger Employee on Dec 17, 2015

Q: Is a load balancer required for Via Access IDR deployments?


A: If you just need manual failover, you do not need to use a load balancer.  However, you will not have the ability to scale up by adding IDRs. If the you want High Availability, you need a load balancer.


Q: Can the customer use an existing load balancer?

A: Via Access doesn’t need a “dedicated” load balancer. You will need to make sure that the load balancer has network interfaces on the right network (where the IDRs’ proxy interfaces will be).

Most customers put that in the DMZ, where they tend to have load balancers to protect other applications, as well.


For more information, please access the Via Access load balancer requirements documentation: