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RSA Via Access is now part of RSA SecurID Access

Blog Post created by Jason Oeltjen Employee on Jul 22, 2016

At RSA we just unveiled our RSA SecurID Suite of Identity offerings. The access and authentication offerings from RSA are now known as RSA SecurID Access.  RSA is doubling down on Identity and by bringing the market-leading RSA SecurID and Via Access solutions together, we intend to support customers and provide secure and convenient access for any user, from anywhere, to anything.


We want to make sure we are clear with what this means for our Via Access customers. While the RSA Via Access name is going away, the product RSA via Access customers have is very much alive and a core part of the present and future of SecurID Access.


SecurID Access is being offered in 3 editions; Base, Enterprise, and Premium.

1. RSA SecurID Access Base Edition incorporates the RSA Authentication Manager Base License feature set.  Base Edition can be easily upgraded to the Enterprise and Premium Editions.


2. RSA SecurID Access Enterprise Edition incorporates the RSA Authentication Manager Enterprise License feature set and, in some cases, bundles in Single Sign-On, or SSO, agents.  This allows you to extend traditional RSA SecurID authentication to protect cloud, mobile and web applications at no additional cost. SSO integration methods & options include: SAML 2.0 which support Browser POST, IdP-Initiated or SP-Initiated options, Trusted Headers with Reverse Proxy support and HTTP-Federation which includes Reverse Proxy, Login-form POST and user keychains (for password vaulting).


     RSA SecurID Access Enterprise customers are eligible for Single Sign-On (the SSO Agent) if all of the following statements are true:

    • You have a minimum 1,000 RSA Authentication Manager Enterprise or RSA SecurID Access Enterprise Licenses
    • You have upgraded to RSA Authentication Manager 8.2
    • You have an active RSA Authentication Manager Enterprise or RSA SecurID Access Enterprise Maintenance Contract


3. RSA SecurID Access Premium Edition includes all the functionality of RSA SecurID Access Enterprise Edition plus the full functionality of RSA Via Access including the Authentication (MFA) Service to protect cloud and SaaS applications with a variety of mobile optimized authentication methods, which include push notifications, biometrics and FIDO coupled with Identity Assurance. RSA is leading the innovation in Identity Assurance – the concept that various contextual items about a request for access such as location, device, role, and application – should be used to make real time risk-based authentication decisions. RSA is leveraging its legacy in risk-based analytics to bring this innovation to the RSA SecurID Access solution.


RSA Via Access customers, will have their licenses converted to RSA SecurID Access Premium. This license entitles customers to all the features that were part of RSA Via Access plus some additional capabilities.


To keep using the product as you have been, RSA Via Access customers don’t have to do anything.


The new capabilities RSA Via Access customers are entitled to include the ability to connect to legacy, enterprise resources (like VPNs, mainframes, etc.) through our 400+ RSA SecurID agents. For more information on how to take advantage of this new capability, check out the details athttps://community.rsa.com/docs/DOC-53954.


The press release on the new RSA SecurID Identity Suite can be found RSA Changes the Identity Game: Unveils New RSA SecurID® Suite.


This is an exciting step for us as we continue our journey in identity solutions at RSA!