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Join us for the webinar series that answers the question plaguing every identity professional today: You know the credentials are right, but how do you know the person that’s using them is really who they say they are? With cloud and mobility making it easier for users to access resources, but harder for you to authenticate those users, you need to know how to transform secure access to deliver both convenience and security. Learn all about it in three webinars led by top RSA identity experts, Wednesdays from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., starting February 7.

February 7 – Transforming Secure Access

With 81 percent of cyber attacks today being credentials-based – up almost 20 percent over just a year – it’s time to rethink how to protect against these types of attacks. If you’re ready for a more effective approach to reducing your identity risk, join Ayelet Biger-Levin, RSA senior consultant, identity product marketing, to kick off the webinar series. You’ll find out why the old tried-and-true approaches to secure access don’t work so well in a mobile, cloud-connected world – and you’ll learn how to build a strong new foundation for convenient, secure access, using identity intelligence, business context and threat intelligence.

February 13 – Modernizing Authentication in and for the Cloud

Everybody’s moving applications and data to the cloud, but nobody’s happy about the risk of sacrificing security in the process. The good news is a modern approach to authentication – one that’s pervasive, continuous and risk-aware – can make access in the cloud just as secure as it is on-premises. In this webinar, you’ll learn from Tony Karam, RSA senior consultant, identity product marketing, about the latest resources for secure access and how to extend them seamlessly into cloud environments. It all comes down to having the assurance that people seeking access in the cloud are who they say they are, that the devices they’re using are secure and that their access isn’t putting your organization at risk.

February 21 – Delivering Authentication Your Way: Why One Size No Longer Fits all in the Access Game

Different users pose different levels of access risk, depending on who they are, what they want access to, where their requests originate and more – so you need more than one means of authenticating them. But they also all have one thing in common: They don’t need authentication to slow them down or stop their progress. So you need to offer a variety of methods that will enable them to access the resources they need, wherever they are and whatever the circumstances, without missing a beat. Join Murtaza Hafizji for this webinar on how to use modern multi-factor authentication to provide the secure access your organization needs without sacrificing users’ productivity or convenience.

Register today for any or all of the webinars in our February series, Identity Assurance for a Connected World.

We sometimes get questions regarding the scalability of the RSA SecurID Access Cloud Authentication Service.  Customers who are used to managing on-premises solutions want to know how many machines they need to set up to support their end user population during peak periods. But since the Cloud Authentication Service is a hybrid solution, the scaling considerations are a bit different.  

If you use the Cloud Authentication Service to provide primary and/or additional authentication to relying parties, scalability is simple because the cloud components are designed to scale to meet your needs.  The hybrid architecture still involves an on-premises identity router, which provides a secure connection to your identity source(s), but its role is minimal at runtime. Just make sure you deploy more than one identity router for redundancy, in case one goes down.

If you use the identity router for RADIUS-based access control, all you need to do is make sure you have redundant identity routers with RADIUS enabled. The Cloud Authentication Service handles the heavy lifting.

If you want information about scalability and you use the SSO Agent capabilities, you can read more about that in the RSA SecurID Access SSO Agent Performance and Scalability Guide.


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