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RSA SecurID® Access Now Locally Hosted for Australia and New Zealand Organizations


Good news for Australia and New Zealand organizations that need to keep critical identity information on-shore: RSA SecurID Access is now locally hosted inside Microsoft Azure data centers in Canberra. Local hosting comes as part of the August 2018 product release, opening the way for more organizations – especially in the areas of government, critical infrastructure and financial services, where local hosting is often a requirement – to benefit from RSA SecurID Access authentication capabilities.


RSA SecurID Access Cloud Authentication Service delivers secure access to the extended enterprise as an on-shore SaaS service, rather than having it hosted outside the region. Local hosting enables organizations to comply with legislation governing data privacy in the region, including the Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), as well as with related industry or corporate guidelines. The Microsoft Azure “protected”-level data centers that will provide hosting in Canberra are certified to meet federal security standards and accredited to handle classified defense data.


Any organization based anywhere in the world that has operations in the region can benefit from this development – not just Australia- or New Zealand-based organizations, and not just companies in critical sectors. Hosting locally not only keeps critical identity data on-shore, but also improves network latency locally for faster access to cloud applications.

Whatever the reason for adopting RSA SecurID Access Cloud Authentication Service – regulatory compliance, local control, faster application access – organizations that do will be using the most widely deployed multi-factor authentication solution in the world. RSA SecurID Access multi-factor authentication improves security by thwarting attempts to use stolen credentials while still keeping access convenient for legitimate users. This implementation brings those authentication advantages specifically to cloud application access.


With the addition of local hosting in Canberra, RSA SecurID Access Cloud Authentication Service is now available in three major regions around the globe, having been previously launched in the EU and US.

August 2018 Cloud Authentication Service Release

The August release for the RSA SecurID®  Access Cloud Authentication Service is now available. In this release RSA continues to add capabilities to further enhance RSA SecurID Access to be convenient for end users and admin, intelligent to provide powerful authentication and analysis and pervasive, supporting global access across a variety of traditional and cloud use cases.

Facilitating Privileged User Authentication for the Cloud Administration Console

RSA SecurID® Access administrators in your organization have extensive access privileges. Therefore, access attempts of these privileged users need to be appropriately authenticated. In this release of RSA SecurID® Access validation of the multifactor authentication policies that govern console access is improved to prevent accidental user lockout, which would require a support call to RSA to resolve.


The graphic below  shows how the console prevents you from selecting a policy that locks you out of the console.



      Fig.1  Warning message to clarify the problems with selected policy


Improved Visibility of Cloud Authentication Service User Status

Over the last few months, we have significantly improved the ability of administrators to manage the status of Cloud Authentication Service users.

Past releases delivered capabilities to:

  • Manually enable and disable Cloud Authentication Service users, independent of identity source status for improved local control over user status
  • Automatically disable Cloud Authentication Service users when they become disabled or missing (due to deletion or transfer out of relevant groups) in the identity source directory.
  • Help administrators reverse deletion errors via a two-step delete process. With two-step deletion, deleted users are marked as Pending Deletion, and an automated purge process permanently removes them after seven days. This gives administrators the opportunity to “Un-delete” before the users are permanently purged in case of error.
  • Streamline user maintenance with automated deletion of long-disabled users. Busy administrators who prefer more automated user maintenance, can select an option to delete long-disabled users. On by default and set to select users disabled 90 days, this option can be configured for different number of days or turned off completely. In this way, all the automated cleanup processes can work together to remove users from the cloud who no longer need access.

In the August release, we’ve improved reporting of user status.  The previously available users report now provides better visibility into user status information to help organizations better manage user populations.  By exporting the user report file and importing into a spreadsheet, administrators can quickly identify disabled or deleted (awaiting purge) users for status confirmation and follow-up where needed. In addition enabled users can be counted for license management purposes.

Below is a sample of the report in spreadsheet format, highlighting the new column.



      Fig.2  User report


For more information on these capabilities, refer to:

Faster Time to Value: Preconfigured Policies

RSA SecurID® Access now provides predefined access policy templates with all new cloud accounts. Using these policies, new customers need not create custom access policies before they can configure their first application.  Instead, they can choose from one of the simple preconfigured policies to associate with their applications.  If further customization is desired, these policies can be cloned and modified as desired, while maintaining the original copies to use as templates for future policy definition.

The new policies are shown below.



      Figure 3.  Preconfigured Policies

Serving a Global Customer Community

The RSA SecurID® Access Cloud Authentication Service is now available in Australia!

Hosted in Microsoft Azure Australia (Canberra), RSA SecurID® Access’s new hosting location enables compliance with Australian and New Zealand Privacy Legislation.  Furthermore, local hosting means faster network performance across the wider Asia-Pacific region.


For further details on these improvements, please refer to the Release Notes here:

and product documentation here:

All of these enhancements make RSA SecurID® Access and even more convenient and secure solution for your authentication needs.

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