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What’s new in RSA SecurID® Access?  February 2019 Cloud Authentication Service Release

Blog Post created by Nathan Furze Employee on Feb 16, 2019

The February release for the RSA SecurID® Access Cloud Authentication Service (CAS) is now available. See below for this month’s key updates.


Monitor Current and Historic Cloud Availability

This month, we are publishing a web page where customers can learn the current status of the Cloud Authentication Service (CAS) and recent history - Monitor Uptime Status for the Cloud Authentication Service 

This page allows you to:

  • Check current service availability
  • View recent uptime percentage
  • View historical uptime percentage

The page displays a list of services. The embedded URL identifies which services belong to your company.

In addition, the Cloud Administration Health Check API  enables customers to access this information from their own monitoring applications, to incorporate the cloud authentication service status into their overall enterprise visibility.


Improved Availability with Global Disaster Recovery Sites

To help assure the highest availability, RSA maintains a disaster recovery environment for the Cloud Authentication Service across all regions. When the Cloud Authentication Service environment becomes unavailable for any reason, your deployment automatically switches to the disaster recovery environment. Please reference the release notes below and the set up documentation, for directions on how to test your configuration to ensure it can reach the alternate site when needed.

Go here for more details: 
Test Access to Cloud Authentication Service 

Streamlining mobile application registration using AppConfig

For customers using enterprise mobile management tools (EMM) that support the industry “AppConfig” standard (info here), the RSA SecurID Authenticate app can now interface with those tools during registration.  Specifically, information from the EMM can be used to pre-populate the Authenticate application, streamlining and simplifying the device registration process for end users, and also making the process more secure since the registration information used in controlled. 


Go here for more details:  Deploying the RSA SecurID Authenticate App in EMM Environment 


For further details on all the new and updated capabilities of the February release, please refer to the Release Notes here:RSA SecurID® Access Release Notes: Cloud Authentication Service and RSA SecurID Authenticate App  


and product documentation here:


All of these enhancements make RSA SecurID® Access and even more convenient, pervasive and intelligent solution for your authentication needs.