Nathan Furze

Add Users to the Cloud Only When you Need Them

Blog Post created by Nathan Furze Employee on Mar 25, 2019

In the March 2019 RSA SecurID Access cloud authentication service release we have enabled “just-in-time provisioning” by default for all new RSA SecurID Access customers.  Just-in-time user provisioning will sync the user to the cloud, at the time of first authentication, if they are in scope for the service.  This allows new users to use the service even if they have not previously been synchronized to the cloud.  This also allows organizations to add identities to the cloud only when they are needed rather than syncing your entire user population to the cloud.  Existing customers will need to navigate to ‘My Account > Customer Settings > Company Information ‘ and turn on just-in-time synchronization before they can leverage the feature.   Additional details can be found here - Configure Company Information and Certificates