Nathan Furze

Troubleshooting Identity Router issues made easier

Blog Post created by Nathan Furze Employee on Mar 25, 2019

During the second half of 2018 the product team wanted to hear from our listening posts viz. customers, partners, and our field team around improving overall customer experience when it comes to RSA SecurID Access product installation and configuration. Your valuable feedback helped us refine that into Top 10 areas where we should focus our efforts. One such area was to improve troubleshooting and managing of Identity Routers (IDR) during POCs, production deployments and post-production upgrades.


We heard and acted upon your feedback!  The upcoming March 2019 full stack release we have introduced 13 new indicators that will help streamline your troubleshooting efforts around identity router. The Status Indicators feature also enables more simplicity in managing some IDR functions through the Cloud administration console.


Some of the key challenges that these status indicators will help you narrow down are

  1. Clock drift issues between the cloud and the Identity router that creates SAML assertion challenges
  2. Identity source serves are unreachable or down due to various reasons
  3. Your users are not able to authenticate using SecurID HW or SW tokens due to connectivity issues between on-premise RSA Authentication Manager and the identity router
  4. Your publish operations are failing
  5. Handle issues when IDR is stuck or takes longer than usual while upgrading. The new status indicators help you identify if the potential issue is due to errors while downloading RPM’s and libraries from the cloud repository OR while downloading adapters from the cloud repository


As always, we are open to hearing from you on innovative ways of making your day to day work easier related to managing and troubleshooting Identity Router.  To find out more about this feature, check out the product documentation here - View Identity Router Status in the Cloud Administration Console