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Improved RSA Authenticate app security with email notifications

To help increase security, new or deleted RSA Authenticate apps, can trigger an email notification to the end user.  This enables end users to know if an impostor has tried to register or delete a device with their identity.  


Pagination for RADIUS Profiles in the Cloud Administration Console

Pagination now makes it easier to manage multiple RADIUS profiles. In the Cloud Administration Console, you can choose to display 10, 20, or 30 profiles associated with a client on the RADIUS Profiles page. Expand each profile to see details, dissociate, or delete the profile. Profiles disappear from the list when you dissociate or delete them. For instructions on configuring RADIUS profiles, see Configure a RADIUS Profile for the Cloud Authentication Service .


Register for our new Monthly Product Webinar!

Don’t forget to register for one of our upcoming product webinars - RSA SecurID Access:  All Access Granted 


For further details on all the new and updated capabilities of the April release, please refer to the Release Notes here:  

RSA SecurID® Access Release Notes: Cloud Authentication Service and RSA SecurID Authenticate App  


All of these enhancements make RSA SecurID Access and even more convenient, pervasive and intelligent solution for your authentication needs.

I am excited today to share the launch of the RSA SecurID® Access All Access Granted Community! What is the ' RSA SecurID Access All Access Granted' private space?  It is for RSA SecurID Access customers and partners to access exclusive RSA SecurID Access Information.  Please read the RSA SecurID Access: All Access Granted blog and watch the below introduction video for more information.




If you haven’t already done so, please access RSA SecurID Access:  All Access Granted to register for upcoming webinars and click follow in the upper right-hand corner, so you are notified when new content has been posted.

   We are happy to announce the launch of the RSA SecurID Access:  All Access Granted private space for RSA SecurID Access customers and partners.  The goal of the All Access Granted space is to allow customers and partners an inside look at:


  • Product strategy
  • Introduction to new product features
  • Review innovation concepts and demos
  • Product insights from RSA Experts


We understand that as identity administrators, you are on the forefront of managing identity and digital risk, and your time is important.  If you can’t make one of the scheduled monthly webinars we will also post a replay recording to this space following each webinar.  In addition to the monthly product webinars we will also be posting content from some of RSA’s many identity experts. 


If you haven’t already done so, please go to RSA SecurID Access:  All Access Granted  register for upcoming webinars and click follow in the upper right hand corner, so you are notified when new content has been posted. 


Our first product webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, April 24, 2019 @ 11:00 AM EST.  Don't miss it!  

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