Nathan Furze

What’s new in RSA SecurID Access:  June 2019 Cloud Authentication Service Release.

Blog Post created by Nathan Furze Employee on Jun 24, 2019

Seamless access to RSA My Page for self-service

To help make it easier for end users to enroll and manage their RSA Authenticate App we have enabled single-sign-on (SSO) support to RSA My Page from an external IDP.  In addition, you can also add your company logo for display during self-service.  These two features will allow seamless access for end users and provide a consistent user-branded experience.  



Important: Upcoming Cloud Authentication Service IP Address Changes

To align with Microsoft Azure Resource Manager deployment model changes, the Cloud Authentication Service and Cloud Administration Console IP addresses will be changing in September 2019. Your deployment must be able to connect to both new and old IP addresses in September 2019.


RSA recommends that you start planning with your organization now to make the necessary changes to connect to these new IP addresses. If you do not update your firewall rules with the new IP addresses, your identity routers will not be able to contact the Cloud Authentication Service and services will be disrupted. For details, see Notice of Upcoming Cloud Authentication Service IP Address Changes.


For further details on all the new and updated capabilities of the June release, please refer to the Release Notes here:  RSA SecurID® Access Release Notes: Cloud Authentication Service and RSA SecurID Authenticate App 


All these enhancements make RSA SecurID® Access and even more convenient, pervasive and intelligent solution for your authentication needs.