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Join us for the webinar series that answers the question plaguing every identity professional today: You know the credentials are right, but how do you know the person that’s using them is really who they say they are? With cloud and mobility making it easier for users to access resources, but harder for you to authenticate those users, you need to know how to transform secure access to deliver both convenience and security. Learn all about it in three webinars led by top RSA identity experts, Wednesdays from 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., starting February 7.

February 7 – Transforming Secure Access

With 81 percent of cyber attacks today being credentials-based – up almost 20 percent over just a year – it’s time to rethink how to protect against these types of attacks. If you’re ready for a more effective approach to reducing your identity risk, join Ayelet Biger-Levin, RSA senior consultant, identity product marketing, to kick off the webinar series. You’ll find out why the old tried-and-true approaches to secure access don’t work so well in a mobile, cloud-connected world – and you’ll learn how to build a strong new foundation for convenient, secure access, using identity intelligence, business context and threat intelligence.

February 13 – Modernizing Authentication in and for the Cloud

Everybody’s moving applications and data to the cloud, but nobody’s happy about the risk of sacrificing security in the process. The good news is a modern approach to authentication – one that’s pervasive, continuous and risk-aware – can make access in the cloud just as secure as it is on-premises. In this webinar, you’ll learn from Tony Karam, RSA senior consultant, identity product marketing, about the latest resources for secure access and how to extend them seamlessly into cloud environments. It all comes down to having the assurance that people seeking access in the cloud are who they say they are, that the devices they’re using are secure and that their access isn’t putting your organization at risk.

February 21 – Delivering Authentication Your Way: Why One Size No Longer Fits all in the Access Game

Different users pose different levels of access risk, depending on who they are, what they want access to, where their requests originate and more – so you need more than one means of authenticating them. But they also all have one thing in common: They don’t need authentication to slow them down or stop their progress. So you need to offer a variety of methods that will enable them to access the resources they need, wherever they are and whatever the circumstances, without missing a beat. Join Murtaza Hafizji for this webinar on how to use modern multi-factor authentication to provide the secure access your organization needs without sacrificing users’ productivity or convenience.

Register today for any or all of the webinars in our February series, Identity Assurance for a Connected World.

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The case for multi-factor authentication (MFA) is clear. The harder you make it for cyber attackers to get to your data, the lower your risk of a breach—and MFA definitely makes it harder, by requiring people who request access to authenticate their identity in more than one way. The downside is that if you don’t choose wisely, MFA can also make things harder for people within your organization to deploy it, use it and manage it. And given that most of us tend to take the path of least resistance, you want to be sure to seek out a solution that makes MFA easy for everyone except attackers. Read the full article on RSA's Speaking of Security blog to learn more...

There are times when trying to put together an effective authentication strategy feels like competing in track-and-field events. Business and IT are supposed to be on the same team, but far too often seem to be racing toward completely different goals. Sure, it’s important to get to the finish line fast, but not at the risk of leaving the rest of the team behind. Read full article on Speaking of Security blog.

by Chris Wraight, featured on Speaking of Security Blog, May 9th


Your diverse, dynamic user base demands fast, convenient authentication and access—no matter where they are or what devices they are using. But you need authentication to be secure above all, with visibility across all applications and resources (cloud to ground),the assurance that your users are who they say they are and entitled to the access they demand.


Until now, you’ve had to choose between those two equally-urgent priorities: either sacrifice a measure of user convenience for security, or let convenience take precedence and put the organization at risk. Today, RSA announced new features and enhancements for RSA SecurID® Access that turn this no-win situation into a win for everyone, by extending identity assurance to the cloud and providing more flexibility and options to offer authentication your way.


Offer users a range of authenticators – mix and match to meet your needs
Whether you need mobile two-factor authentication (2FA), mobile multi-factor authentication (MFA with push notifications, OTP, SMS), biometrics (fingerprint, eyeprint), FIDO, hard or soft tokens, or a combination of some, or all of the above—RSA SecurID Access is the answer.


Make security seamless for your users and stronger for compliance
With our newly-enhanced risk-based analytics to validate logins in real time based on a variety of contextual factors, such as role, location, IP address, device type, login time and others, you’ll get the identity assurance not available from less advanced authentication solutions. The RSA approach to risk-aware authentication and identity assurance enhances both security and the user’s experience, because it’s only when the analytics indicate increased risk in real time that users are asked to step-up authentication.


Speed access to more of the applications users want
RSA SecurID Access delivers a frictionless user experience, with flexible authentication methods that quickly connect users with applications, including the SaaS apps they depend on most. It enforces access policies for more than 500 apps right out of the box, giving users ready access to the apps they rely on, from whatever devices they’re using. Mobile authentication is also part of the experience, speeding onboarding so users can quickly and easily access everything they need to be productive.


Protect access for all your resources – from the ground to the cloud – it’s your choice
You can use RSA SecurID Access to manage access to your on-premises, web-based and SaaS applications, and you can deploy it on-premises or as a service. Hybrid deployment is also an option if you’re not ready to make the total transition from an on-premises deployment to authentication-as-a-service.


Do more with what you already have
If you’re already using a version of RSA SecurID Access, the latest multi-factor authentication and risk-based analytics capabilities mean you’ll get more than ever from that investment. If you’re using RSA Authentication Manager, you’ll find it easy to migrate users to mobile multi-factor authentication with one application. And you’ll have the convenience of a single authentication provider meeting all your needs and a single solution for access to on-premises and cloud applications on all major mobile platforms. You can also keep your existing SSO platform in place, since RSA SecurID Access includes API support for third-party SSO providers. Or, you can just use the SSO that comes with RSA SecurID Access Enterprise and Premium Editions.


Ready to get authentication your way?
Use the RSA SecurID Access Product Selector and Pricing and Packaging Guide to see what RSA can do to meet your unique authentication requirements.

Today’s organizations need to deliver convenient, secure access for the modern workforce. Users want the ability to access systems and applications from anywhere and any device. But before providing them with this access, organizations must be able to verify that users are, in fact, who they say they are.


RSA SecurID® Access is an award-winning multi-factor authentication solution that uses risk analytics and insights about users’ typical log-in patterns to verify the legitimacy of access attempts and provide robust authentication that doesn’t impede users’ productivity. RSA SecurID Access, the industry’s most advanced identity assurance solution, gives your users the ability to innovate, accelerate and collaborate. And it gives you the security and control to prevent identity risks from becoming a drag on your business.


Authentication Your Way

To ensure your user identity access strategy is implemented in a way that meets your organization’s specific needs, there are three key factors you need to consider when evaluating any authentication solution, including:


Your applications and systems: Are you looking to protect applications that are on-premises or in the cloud? Or both? Are you trying to protect access for remote users to applications on your networks? You need a solution that can manage access for everything from your VPN to your SaaS applications, to legacy, on-premises applications to web-based applications. When users sign up for cloud applications, they create islands of identity which are problematic because IT has little to no visibility into or control over them. It’s important to choose a modern authentication solution that can bridge those islands of identity and give you a holistic authentication strategy to centrally manage access to them all.


Your users: Your user population is likely growing and changing every day – users can be employees, contractors, partners, vendors and customers. The very existence of this transforming population raises many access-related challenges: How does IT provide them with the right access, given the situation? Are the users in the office, on the corporate Wi-Fi network? Or are they working from home? Perhaps they’re in a strange city, or simply working remote—should you provide them the same access as they would have if they were in the office? Each situation will pose different security challenges. You’ll want to ensure your authentication strategy can leverage identity awareness and context to make the proper access decisions and to maintain compliance. 


At the same time, this new class of users creates user experience challenges. Accustomed to consumer-grade applications and the ease of use that comes with them, they expect the same experience from their work systems and applications. And, when it comes to authentication approaches, you’ll need to offer an authenticator that meets their comfort level and environments best – this can range from push notification, biometrics, soft tokens or hard tokens. Find a multi-factor authentication solution that is able to offer a wide range of options to best suit the needs of this demanding, dynamic user base.


Your environment: The right multi-factor authentication solution should be flexible enough to deliver the right access to anything from anywhere. But, what about the technology itself? Are you looking to keep your authentication technology on-premises, migrate it to the cloud over time, or move to an authentication-as-a-service model? Obviously there are benefits to each approach, it’s simply a matter of your organization’s cloud strategy. When evaluating authentication solutions, make sure the vendor provides options for on-premises, hybrid, or as-a-service options that will allow you to move to the cloud at your own pace. 


Modern Authentication Solutions for the Modern Enterprise

Not all organizations have the same authentication needs. For that reason, RSA SecurID Access is delivered in flexible configurations and packages to serve every organization’s diverse requirements. Depending on what your organization wants to protect, how you want to protect it and how you want to deploy the solution, there is a version of RSA SecurID Access that’s right for you. Take a spin through our product selector tool and see which edition of RSA SecurID Access will suit your organization best.


Find out which edition of RSA SecurID Access is right for you here. Learn more about all of the options available in RSA SecurID Access and take a quick interactive assessment to get a recommendation in less than a minute.

Takeaways from a Recent Identity Survey by IDG

It’s the infamous joke we’ve all used at one point or another – “Knock, knock. Who’s there?” When it comes to identity management, knowing the answer to this question is mission critical. Whether your employees, contractors, customers and partners are accessing your data, applications and systems in the cloud, web, or on-premises, you need to be 100% confident that your users are who they say they are.


Why? Because weak, default, and stolen user credentials have been used in 63% of confirmed data breaches.

Not surprisingly, in a recent IDG survey, sponsored by RSA, conducted with IT professionals, 68% of respondents cite a high-level of concern regarding the risk of a cybersecurity attack resulting from compromised identities.


The emergence of identity as a major threat vector places a premium on delivering convenient and secure access across your mobile endpoints. Today, those endpoints are expanding, along with an increase in cloud applications. Islands of identity that have been created as a result are a concern for 47% of respondents. With the loss of central IT control and visibility over user credentials and authentication for disparate mobile, social, and cloud applications, these users – and their identities – are vulnerable, potentially exposing your organization to unauthorized users.


Human endpoints are growing too, and 51% of respondents say that expansion of the user base is a top security concern. New users include external partners, vendors, suppliers, audit teams, consultants, and customers. Only 24% of respondents felt confident that they could enforce access control policies for these new users. In addition, third-party users whose companies have weak data safeguards and security controls offer a “backdoor” for attackers into your organization.


The prevalence of mobile devices today has fueled a culture of users who are accustomed to convenient access. Touch ID for the iPhone and biometrics for Android have set expectations for consumer-level convenience in the workplace, particularly with BYOD. A large majority (85%) of respondents, though, say that user convenience has been compromised to some extent in their organizations in order to enforce access control policies. The problem for 26% of respondents is that inconvenient authentication controls often are ignored or subverted by their users, which ultimately puts the organization at risk.


It is not surprising, given these concerns, that 51% of respondents look for strong authentication that passes audits and meets regulatory compliance (PCI, PII data, HIPAA, etc.) as the top most important identity management feature when evaluating identity management solutions. Other essential features include the ability to address authentication anywhere, any time, and from any user or device (49%), context-aware and step-up authentication (49%), as well as the ability to integrate with applications up and down the stack – on-premises, legacy, web, and SaaS (47%).


If you’re having difficulty authenticating the answer to “who’s there?” when users are knocking at your entry points, you are not alone. Nearly half of the respondents are evaluating or plan to invest in a new identity management solution in the near future.


Rethink your approach to multi-factor authentication. Gain unwavering confidence that your users are who they say they are with RSA SecurID® Access, a more intelligent, frictionless, convenient, and secure way to provide users access to your valuable on-premises or cloud applications and data. RSA SecurID Access employs multi-factor authentication through a variety of advanced mobile authenticator options including push authentication, biometrics, as well as hardware and software tokens and leverages contextually-relevant data and risk-based analytics to help IT automate key access decisions while managing the islands of identity, and ultimately, enabling the business to accelerate while mitigating identity risk.

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