• REST API example on Authentication Manager 8.4 not working

    HI,    I am trying to integrate REST API example which is available in AM Extra Folder ( RSA SecurID Authentication API)  I am following steps from this link ->  Guide to Getting Started with...
    Jash Upadhyay
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  • Geting Better Visibility into SecurID Access

    Better Together: SecurID Access with your SIEM Platform  Introduction Everyone wants better visibility into the behaviors (or misbehaviors) of their users. We are often asked by customers a simple question. Wha...
    Craig Dore
    created by Craig Dore
  • RSA CAS - Office365 SAML integration (2 domains)

    Hi,   In the context of integration with office365 (Azure connect sync), I have the following question: (RSA CAS - SSO agent)   - When I prepare the scenario for the configuration for integration with o365...
    mauricio perez
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  • RSA MFA integration with Cisco ISE

    Hi everyone,   I have the following question:   I have an RSA MFA environment (Cloud + 2 IDR), where I need to provide a second authentication factor for SSL VPN users (fortinet, checkpoint, ASA cisco, how...
    mauricio perez
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  • Forcepoint NGFW VPN

    Hello,   We have a Forcepoint perimeter next generation firewall which we would like to integrate its VPN service with the authentication manager.   I was wondering if this integration is supported.  ...
    Hassan Mehsen
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  • Multiple domains in RSA CAS - Office365 SAML

    Hello everyone, I have a question regarding the integration of RSA CAS with office365 as SAML. In the RSA documentation, the procedure to carry out this integration is indicated, however I have a scenario where I hav...
    mauricio perez
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  • RSA CAS - Remove AM

    Hi! I need to delete the authentication manager configuration (which was never finalized) from an IDR, how can I do this?, I have not found the information in the RSA documentation. Thanks!
    mauricio perez
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  • RSA MFA - CAS local user approve authentication

    Hi!   Good afternoon, I currently have a client with CAS solution and we are trying to implement the authentication of VPN users with a CISCO ISE as an intermediary between the FW and IDR (it has not been s...
    mauricio perez
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  • RSA CAS, Domains there is the same username

    Dear,   I have a RSA CAS solution for radius client SSL VPN authentication, but I have the following problem: The radius client configured in RSA CAS has 2 identity source (Active directory with different domain...
    mauricio perez
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  • Best way to extract data from RSA using SSIS?

    I need to automate pulling certain types of information(users with tokens, group/role membership, etc.) from RSA to use in reporting/dashboards outside of Authentication Mgr.  Using SQL Server Integrati...
    Spencer May
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  • pulling User Auth log out from RSA DB using Admin SDK 8.4

    We are developing a user self-help site using AM admin SDK 8.4.  Having trouble to find out which API to call to pull user authentication logs out from the database.    Your help is highly appreciated!
    xj wang
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  • SecurID-Microsoft CRM ON_PREMISE

    Hello,   We have Microsoft CRM 2016 on premise and we would like to integrate it with our IDR , i was checking the RSA Ready page its only mentioning the integration of the CRM online one.   Could you plea...
    Hassan Mehsen
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  • Will RSA SecurID Access IDR OS be updated soon ?

    Dear All,   Trying to PoC the RSA SecurID Access solution, I have to conform to corporate processes. One of them is the vulnerability scan of the IDR OVA appliance, once it's deployed.   As a result of th...
    David Pala
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  • How to integrate RSA 2FA with Azure O365?

    Hi everyone,    My question will be regarding how to integrate RSA 2FA with Azure O365    our environment has the following: A - RSA Authentication manager 8.4 patch 6 ( hosted on-prem in l...
    Yousaf AlBoush
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  • SecurID-Hybrid-Mix&Match Tokens

    Hello Guys!   One of our clients requested to have a hybrid SecurID solution, where he need to use MFA tokens(push for approval, biometrics. etc..) and ODA tokens(SMS and email) to challenge the users after sign...
    Hassan Mehsen
    created by Hassan Mehsen
  • Use CAS only for second factor authentication in SAML

    Hello, We have a web application that requests username + password to access, checking the credentials in the AD. We need to add another authentication factor (like pin+token) and we have in place AM+IDR+CAS and onl...
    Falco Dussault
    created by Falco Dussault
  • Check Point Remote Access Clients

    Is Check Point IPSec-VPN Windows Client supported by RSA SecurID integration? We have contacted RSA Support to validate this but can't seem to have a definite answer as they are relying/referencing only on the a...
    Marilou Maala
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  • SecurID Access SSO SAML with Office 365 issue

    I'm having an issue with intergrating SecurID Access into Office 365. I've followed the guide but currently getting this issue.   Sign in Sorry, but we’re having trouble signing you in. AADSTS50107: The ...
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  • connect to cloud authentication service missing in security console

    Hello All   I am following the link https://community.rsa.com/docs/DOC-106667#Set  and i am step 3 : Connect to the Cloud Authentication Service .  In the security console i dont see connect...
    Sandip Kandelkar
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  • unable to publish changes from RSA Cloud Authentication portal

    Hello    I am following Microsoft-AzureAD_RSA_SecurID_Access_CloudIDP document . I have created access policy and add Azure AD as relying party . while publishing the changes i am getting below error&#...
    Sandip Kandelkar
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