• Multiple Authentication Manager primaries with the same license (prod & test)

    Hello,   We are looking to deploy a second primary as our test box on a different subnet that can still communicate with our prod primary. The testing primary will only be connected to test applications, a separ...
    Josh Rice
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  • RSA CAS user Synchronization

    Is there a way of changing how often the identity source syncs in a config file somewhere on the IDR?  It looks like once a day is the only option in the Cloud UI which means constantly logging in to do a ma...
    Jack Alexander
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  • How to use the Mobile SDK

    Can somebody advice on how to get training or help on the mobile SDK and getting it quickly? Have been looking for RSA official training but there's none.
    created by OCTAVIO FLORES
  • tariff code for customs

      What is the correct tariff code for customs (For a Hardware RSA Keyfob)?   Find the tariff applicable for your product | Canada Tariff Finder   
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  • Options for softtoken distribution to iOS iPhone

    Hi,   I'm looking to find the easiest way to distribute a softtoken to an iPhone user. Does anyone know? I'd prefer the QR code but I think that's only available via the Self Service portal (which is not an...
    Michiel Simon
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  • Does 8.4 Patch 12 addresses CVE-2020-2883?

    Does 8.4 Patch 12 addresses CVE-2020-2883? Vulnerability in the Oracle WebLogic Server product of Oracle Fusion Middleware (component: Core). Supported versions that are affected are,,
    Gabriela Ramirez
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  • How do I change my old hard token to my new one

    My old token doesn’t work and I’m trying to add my new hard token on
    Jaceson Banks
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  • RSA CAS - Remove AM

    Hi! I need to delete the authentication manager configuration (which was never finalized) from an IDR, how can I do this?, I have not found the information in the RSA documentation. Thanks!
    mauricio perez
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  • RSA MFA - CAS local user approve authentication

    Hi!   Good afternoon, I currently have a client with CAS solution and we are trying to implement the authentication of VPN users with a CISCO ISE as an intermediary between the FW and IDR (it has not been s...
    mauricio perez
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  • Error to apply changes in Identity Source RSA CAS

    Hi!, I am trying to generate any changes in the identity source part in RSA CAS and it does not allow me to generate any changes, I even tried to add a description (change that does not affect anything) and it did not...
    mauricio perez
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  • RSA CAS, Domains there is the same username

    Dear,   I have a RSA CAS solution for radius client SSL VPN authentication, but I have the following problem: The radius client configured in RSA CAS has 2 identity source (Active directory with different domain...
    mauricio perez
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  • Space in username

    Space in username.   I have radius (fortigate) client configuration with RSA CAS, and a domain where users are entered "name1 name2", with space between both values, however, apparently RSA is not able to valida...
    mauricio perez
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  • RSA SecurID Licensing metric

    In RSA SecureID console, under User Management, the license status indicated the limit of total licenses has been reached. Currently I have 85% How does RSA calculate the percentage?. I have: 3000 licenses (Limit) ...
    Saul Gonzalez
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  • Securing office 365 using rsa hardware tokens

    We have 40 hardware keys for accessing  a cloud server set up and want to add extra protection for some users who use Office 365 through a mobile app. Specifically we want to protect access to say OneDrive and em...
    Denis O'Hara
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  • How do I get another employee registered to access this license

    Hi, I have renewed an RSA License but the credentials have been sent to me. I don't require access but someone else does. How do I go about getting access for another DXC employee.   The employee that requires a...
    Liesl Rothwell
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  • Had RSA introduced a new technology of soft tokens kind for any devices?

    Had RSA introduced a new technology of soft tokens kind for any devices? If yes, is there any document for it , so that we can refer.
    Ved Chaturvedi
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  • implementation guide for the latest secure authentication management

    Hello, This is my first post.  I am not sure if I should be posting here.   We are  implementing RSA authenitcation Management checkpoint vpn to with soft tokens.   Authenticating with ldap for o...
    Liam Hughes
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  • RSA Prime External: How can you support multiple SMTP From addresses

    Hi,   I have RSA SecurID Auth Manager with an AMIS (Prime External) implementation to provide an API layer on Auth Manager. We are using this to SMS and Email OTP verification to our customers. Our business use...
    Tyson Wehr
    created by Tyson Wehr
  • Licensing

    Is the license different between a physical and virtual appliance?  We have a physical appliance that we are not able to license, and in our portal it shows a virtual appliance license?   Thanks
    Chuck Crabtrey
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  • RSA Webinar: Who's at Home and Who's on Your Network - Expanding Your Attack Surface, Wed., May 19 @ 11:00 am ET

    In times of crisis organizations need to be especially vigilant for cyber threats as malicious actors increase their activities during such times.  This one hour webinar presents strategies for securing modern re...
    Denise Sposato
    created by Denise Sposato