• what is Radius_user_htghk22w? and Can it be deleted?

    I'm running RSA SecurID Appliance AM v 8.4 P13.  I need to account for a new userID which appears in Authentication Manager, "Radius_user_htghk22w".  What is it's use?, and, Can it be deleted?  Thanks
    Eric Zoeckler
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  • Non Domain-Joined Authentication

    Can a desktop client authenticate with RSA without being on the domain? Our RSA server is on our domain, but we do not want our clients to join the domain. We created and installed the client on the desktops, but we h...
    Pete Maddox
    created by Pete Maddox
  • Authentication report

    Hello,  I currently get a weekly User Authentication report, it tells who and when they authenticated.  Is there a way to know  From Where did they do this?  Can we limit their authentication from ...
    created by RICK BOYAJIAN
  • Disable 5580 for offline from SC

    From with SC there is an option to disable offline authentication under Setup > System Settings > Under Authentication Settings > Agents.   The help page says this If your RSA Authentication Manag...
    Sri Prasanna
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  • Disable TLS 1.0 on Webtier server

    Are there any issues with disabling TLS 1.0 on the Wetier server?  We're running 8.4 patch 11 and the Webtier is running Windows OS.  If we disable TLS 1.0 on just the Webtier, will this affect the primary a...
    David Berner
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  • Which version of Weblogic is installed on 8.4 patch 11 Webtier

    Hello, Is there an easy way to tell which version of Weblogic the Webtier is running: 8.4 Patch 11
    David Berner
    created by David Berner
  • Can users register the Securid Authenticate app on mulitple devices?

    I have some users requesting to register the app on another device. Can they register the app on multiple devices? If so is this a security risk other than the user losing it or having their device stolen?
    John McKellep
    created by John McKellep
  • RSA Authenticate - Bluetooth

    The RSA Authenticate app has a 'Bluetooth for Authenticate Key' setting. Is this for proximity-based authentication? If so, how would I go about pairing it with my computer?
    Ryan Rosario
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  • How do I add multiple User Aliases using API?

    I am trying to add multiple user aliases to an account (around 50 - 100)   Using the GUI I am only able to add one at a time. To save some time and for future edits, we are trying to do this using the API. I hav...
    Mattingly Brian
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  • I'm looking for associated documentation, and associated IIS authentication agent for the deployment on the 2016 Exchange servers

              I'm looking for associated documentation, and associated IIS authentication agent for the deployment on the 2016 Exchange servers
    James Ferguson
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  • Change subject for "Critical Event Notifications"

    What options are available to customize the "Critical Event Notifications" that are generated by the Authentication Manager server? Right now all events are sent with the subject of "Critical Event Notification" which...
    Josh Rice
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  • What admin activity is related to AUTHMGR_AGENT_LINK_APSLIST

    Can more information be provided on this activity - AUTHMGR_AGENT_LINK_APSLIST Agent Link Agent Protocol Server List. The events are from a SYSTEM admin login but why these logs are generated ? is it routine server l...
    Sri Prasanna
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  • RSA Security Console - remove 'domain name' input needed while authentication

    Hi,   Can someone please help me with below situation,   We have a Citrix external gateway with RSA Secure ID as 2FA for user authentication and in our current Citrix external logon page users need to...
    Sabi Swaminathan
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  • How do I find the expiration date of my maintenance?

    I have a single Contract number (redacted) with two different S/N products:   - redacted - redacted I need to know when the maintenance agreement expires for each S/N
    Sonya Morton
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  • Problem with a replica site

    I have a replica site that stopped reporting to the primary.  In the Replication Status Report, it shows that the Instance is Offline.  I have rebooted it and still no avail.  There is an option to dele...
    Christopher Stanford
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  • Non-AD Identity Source for MacOS Agent

    Hi,   We would like to test the new RSA agent for MacOS. However, we only have a small amount of Mac users, and they are not integrated with AD. Reading through the setup docs, it seems as if only AD/LDAP users ...
    Keith Giles
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  • Is a damaged token display repairable/replaceable?

    A user has returned a token with a damaged display.  We replaced with a new token of course so the user is back in business, but will RSA repair or replace the damaged token so we can re-add to our stock of new t...
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  • AMBA - AAH

    The method AAH on AMBA, does it have the ability to update the notes field on the agent in bulk ? If yes how ??.
    Sri Prasanna
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  • passcode reuse or previous tokencode

    Hello,   We migrated some users to a different appliance recently, and they are facing authentication issues. The logs show a successful authentication, immediately followed by "passcode reuse or previous tokenc...
    Walid Abdallah
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  • new token profile

    how can  I download a new token profile for the latest iPhone
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