• sdopts

    Hi,   I checked one implementation and did not find the file " sdopts.rec , what does it mean ?    Thanks
    ghafoor kc
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  • Is there any way to monitor the Replica instance "Administration Activity Monitor"

    Hi RSA support team We got a Test Case to Test the account replica from Primary instance to the Replica instance. the test scenario is when I create a user account in the Primary instance SC console, then there some...
    xiaoyun qi
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  • How to create an Administrative Role to delegate Radius clients administration for a sub-domain ?

    Hi Folks !   When trying to create a dedicated “Administrative Role” for “Radius Clients” administration delegation for a sub-domain, I cannot success in creating such a role. Please find...
    David Pala
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  • How to add multiple user aliases with AMBA

    Dear all,   Currently have to add 46 logon aliases to a user for the same group. How could this be achieved using AMBA tool ?   Here is the manual method : Assign a User Alias in the User Dashboard , but ...
    David Pala
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  • ldap

    Hi,   ldap server running  on RedHat machine . for certain application I want to authenticate against ldap and some application I want to authenticate against  local users    How can I achie...
    ghafoor kc
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  • How do I find general pricing for RSA SecureID Tokens?

    I need to get general pricing information and help with configuration. 
    James Ferguson
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  • Does Article 000037030 Apply to the Latest Software Token Apps?

    According to article 000037030, FIPS 140-2 applies to iOS software token app versions  2.4.6? & 2.4.7 and Android software token app versions 2.4.x to 2.6.1. Current versions of the app are 2.4.8 for iOS and ...
    Terrence McCann
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  • cannot login after installing and testing windows agent on PC

    I have installed th authentication manager and also added an agent on the server from a PC. After installing the Windows agent and configuring it, i tested the connectivity to the AM and it was successful. however, wh...
    Tunde Sholanke
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  • Active Directory and SecurID Implementation for MFA

    Hello RSA Support,   I am tasked with installing RSA Authentication Manager along with SecurID hardware tokens.      I am trying to implement MFA (PIN+tokencode) with MS Windows Active Directory ...
    Andrew Chan
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  • Trust application not in Java

    Hi, I'm reading this part of developer documentation : Enabling a Custom Application to Invoke RSA Authentication Manager Administrative Functions   Is it possible to write a trust application, not Java, that ...
    Pôle Identité
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  • secureID on Linux

    Is the RSA SecureID functionality available on the Linux platform?   We have a need for individuals to obtain a SecureCode using command-line tools on a Linux operating environment.
    Peter Rupp
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  • My primary instance and replica instance are online and functional.  for DR activity, I am promoting replica as primary using option for Disaster Recovery.  what will happen with primary instance which is online and functional???

    My primary instance and replica instance are online and functional (RSA Authentication manager). for DR activity, I am promoting replica as primary using option for Disaster Recovery. what will happen with primary ins...
  • License information

    can we use same license on more than 1 RSA securID setup? if in one setup tokens are attached to a license and in new setup if there is new license, is it possible to export/import users with tokens?
    Sumit Kumar
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  • linux securid

    Hi,  I have multiple Linux machine, I am trying central user authentication using securid , what are the procedures    Thanks  Siraj
    ghafoor kc
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  • How can I configure a SNMP trap in RSA authentication manager for replication status?

    How can I configure a SNMP trap in RSA authentication manager to give us alerts for the replication status? it would be helpful if we get notified whenever one of the instances (primary or replica) has replication err...
    Kathleen Aparte
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  • How can I challenge all users except my .\Administrator (local admin)?

    I want my agents to challenge all users except my Local Administrator on each box.  I know that I can challenge all users except the Administrator Group but our group policy has Domain.com/Domain Administrators i...
    Everett Culbertson
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  • OTP authentication in asp.net MVC website

    Hi,     Below is our requirement.   "Customer will have mobile number and we need to send one time password(OTP) to customer and to validate that OTP using RSA secure auth. We need to do that above au...
  • It is possible for users to unlock accounts via self service portal?

    Hello together,   it is possible that users can unlock themself via self service portal?   For example when the response security answers or via an email ?   Kind regards Giuseppe
    Giuseppe Dispinzeri
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  • AM 8.4 Security console using a DNS name in two or more domains?

    Is it possible to access the Security Console using one of two or more FQDNs that resolve to the same IP address? https://rsa01.domain1.local:7004/console-ims      Native name https://r...
    Gerry Draganiuk
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  • RSA integration with Oracle HRMS

    Hello, we are suing RSA SecureID and we would like to know if we can do an integration between RSA and our Oracle HRMS system.    Thanks. 
    Waleed Masad
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