• how to replicate AD password which updated in primary identity source to replica instance.

    how to replicate AD password which updated in primary identity source to replica instance. We updated Active directory password in primary instance, we tested the connection in primary it shown successful for both pri...
    Sabitha Baskar
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  • Microsoft LDAP channel binding changes 2020

    I am running RSA Authentication Manager 8.4.   Evidently Microsoft is making changes to LDAP channel binding in March.  It will require SSL.   What changes must be made for RSA Authentica...
    Rob Weaver
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  • Missing file location for "Configure the Remote Syslog Host for Real Time Log Monitoing"

    When I follow https://community.rsa.com/docs/DOC-77102 I don't have the directory mentioned in step 2 below.  I can get to /opt/rsa/am but no certs directory.  Any recommendations?   2. Copy the r...
    Spencer May
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  • Tokens were replaced but still get warning message SecurID 700

    I have recently purchased new tokens as the others were due to expire, after installing the new ones and retreiving the old ones I still get the following message.   "Attention!  The following critical syst...
    David Pearson
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  • Version?

    what is the latest version of Authentication Manager?
    David Nolden
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  • RSA Administrative Roles using AD

    Can Administrative Roles in the Security Console be aligned to an AD Group, so we dont need to manually Add each user? Our support desk has a very high turnover rate, and I would like to setup an AD group that would n...
    Michael Hackett
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  • Windows Agent licence required?

    Hi, Just wanted to check if there is license associated with the Windows Authentication Agent or is it free to use? Thanks
    John Butler
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  • Has anyone configured RSA as multifactor within ProMerit.Net mortgage software?

    Has anyone configured RSA as multifactor within ProMerit.Net mortgage software?  Wondering if there is a integration guide somewhere.  We don't have RSA SecurID Cloud Access configured yet.
    Spencer May
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  • Login Alias Question

    I am trying to get logon aliases working using "000013555 - Configuring two RSA Authentication Manager 8.x user IDs to share a single SecurID token".  I was able to get two accounts working, but not three.  ...
    Edward Clear
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    Hello all!   We have an implementation in Mexico that reported a problem with SecurID iOS SDK, and it was assigned a JIRA record as SWIPHONE-294, regarding a problem with ctkipImportFinished and ctkipImportFaile...
    Jose Lopez-Villela
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  • I receive the following error message when testing ODA Delivery (Error connecting to SMS Provider. HTTP Response from SMS Provider is [ PatternSyntaxException: Dangling meta character '*' near index 0 *.<statusCode>(.)</statusCode> ^ ].)

    We are setting up On-Demand token delivery through Verizon's EMAG system, but run into this error while testing.   Error connecting to SMS Provider. HTTP Response from SMS Provider is [ PatternSyntaxException: D...
    Ronald Elliot
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  • Using SecurID with Office365

    We are currently using RSA SecurID tokens for Windows logons. Can we configure our appliance to allow MFA with Office365 accounts?
    Karl Bowman
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  • How to download 8.4 ova?

    How can I download an ova for 8.4?
    Imran Qaisar
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    Hi,   We have a PowerShell script that assigns RSA soft tokens to users.  The script sometimes fails with the following error messages   com.rsa.command.AuditedLocalizableSystemException: COMMAND_EXEC...
    Voon Siong Lum
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  • SecurID hash

    I am working on validating software downloads to meet security requirements. To do this, I need a hash value or a unique identifier, provider by the vendor, to reference and match to the identifier associated with the...
    Randi Tomasek
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  • AMIS Auth Call's Token Detection

    Regarding the RSA AMIS API's POST /auth function I notice that you do not need to specify the specific token that the user is attempting to authenticate with, but only the pass code yet a successful auth call returns ...
    Stephen Jeon
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  • Can we remove assigned RSA Token in Bulk for different users

    for example if we want to select specific people those don't need RSA token any more can we run a script so that there RSA token get removed, irrespective of how long they haven't used that token
    Sharjeel Iftikhar
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  • "Self Service Console URL" is an invalid URL - using a valid URL

    Hi all,   I've inherited the RSA Security Console role and wanted to get my Self Service portal up for my end users.  I'm currently working out of the Self-Service Settings: Customization > E-mail Notif...
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  • How to intergrate RSA securID app with Microsoft InTune?

    I am using the RSA securID app on my mobile phones. Platform on 1 phone is Android and on the other IOS. Since I have migrated to using Office 365 including MFA it was required to configure InTune in order to have da...
  • App or service name for whitelisting iOS/Android app

    I'm attempting to whitelist the RSA SecurID Software Token app for iOS and Android in Intune for the purpose of being able to copy/paste the token provisioning URL from Outlook into the app. Specifically, I need to ad...
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